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touched by an angel salon

Unique beauty salon services worth trying

Beauty salons and aesthetic medicine centers are becoming more and more advanced – the services offered seemed fantastic just a few years ago. In the most innovative of them, shampooing is a deep cleansing of the skin for a month. Luxury services will be offered to you at an economy price, and styling, manicure, pedicure and make-up will be done in an hour. Touched by an Angel Salon chose the most interesting offers in Atlanta beauty salons and spoke about their analogs in America.


Today it is considered insane to spend all day in the salon in order to completely clean yourself up. An hour and a half – this is exactly how much time it takes now to do everything, everything, and everything. I mean cosmetology, manicure, pedicure, styling, make-up – the best salons offer any variation of complex services. Ahead of the rest of the world in this difficult business, the most secular center of beauty and health of the capital style in TBA is really the best in the city. The favorite brainchild of the secular clever and beautiful La Porsha Grier, who knows everything about the habits of the Georgia world, surprises even those who have seen all possible beauty wisdom. Facial care, manicure, pedicure, styling and make-up in a parallel procedure is done here effortlessly – mix as you want the components of your 1.5-hour program. At the same time, some desperate beauties come running to the Touched by an Angel Salon” I have a maximum of 20 minutes!” Unbelievable, but true – and in such a time, incredible beauty will be created from the most disassembled state. Guests spoiled by the service do not let go of the IPhone, knowing that even in parallel with styling, in the shortest period of time and from the most uncomfortable position, the masters will draw ideal arrows and make fashionable curls “from the face”. From curtain bangs to braids, we are masters in every style.


One of the most reputable salons in Georgia, Touched by an Angel Beauty School and Salon decided to experiment, which is practiced by the most advanced beauty studios in Jonesboro. Its essence is to create a flexible price list for salon services. So, guests can get coloring from a top stylist and from a debutant or assistant – from 1 thousand rubles, while the quality of services will be the same. This is not about the usual scheme of working with stylists, divided into categories, and not even about the use of more democratic dyes – young personnel do not allow themselves any improvisation.


The fact that Touched by Angel Spa is the best spa not only in Atlanta, but throughout Georgia. Even those who are skeptical about the culture of oriental practices trust the Stockbridge branch. It is truly luxurious, atmospheric and healthy for body and soul. At the same time, the main advantage is not 1500 m² of luxurious space, but the fact that even pleasant soothing spa treatments for relaxation, in addition to glamorous beauty, give a real healing effect.


Shampooing and styling separately from grooming is a thing of the past. Touched by Angel specialists offer a whole complex of two therapies – “Regenerating peeling” + “Intensive recovery”, while the entire treatment procedure, including shampooing and styling, takes no more than an hour. How is this possible? By selective selection of the products you need. For example, you have oily scalp and fine, bleached hair. The master chooses for you for fine chemically treated hair No.

The procedure looks like this:

A regenerating peeling is applied to the scalp, which deeply cleanses from excess sebum and exfoliates dead cells. The result is that blood circulation returns to normal, cells are renewed, and the scalp becomes healthier. For more than a month, the effect of the peeling remains – a regular wash will be enough to make the head breathe, hair grew better and looked healthier. In addition, intensive restoration reanimates fragile, brittle and dry hair thanks to the complex of amino acids and vitamins in a special mask. The procedure takes a total of 40 minutes, with styling about an hour. After such a luxury, spending an hour on regular washing and styling seems like an unforgivable luxury.


Of course, chronic stress is not so easy to deal with, but relieving muscle tension and finding balance is quite possible. The most impactful harmonizing anti-stress spa treatment is done in the beauty salon Profile Professional. Here, the main thing is not the entourage, but the skillful hands of the cosmetologist-massage therapist. As far as high-quality specialists are concerned, the network of Touched by an Angel Beauty School and Salons does not experience a shortage – the main masters of sports regenerating massage work here.

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