Jennifer Garner Reveals She Named Her Dog ‘Martha Stewart’ to Get Our Founder’s Attention

Harry Luke
Harry Luke
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Want to become friends with Martha? Just name your dog after her. At least that’s what actress Jennifer Garner says she did in a recent video that’s currently going viral on TikTok.

In the clip, which was posted by WeRateDogs, Garner reveals that she named her late dog Martha Stewart after our founder. “Martha Stewart was the goodest good girl that ever lived,” she said about her beloved pet. “Martha has my heart.”

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The white Labrador Retriever was lovingly named Martha as a way for Garner to get onto Martha’s cooking show. “I used her to bribe my way onto The Martha Stewart Show, ’cause I was a fan of Martha’s,” Garner said. “It was before she had a talk show. She only had a cooking show, and I wanted to cook with her.” Eventually, the bribe worked, and Garner and Martha (the dog!) made several appearances together.

In an old clip of The Martha Stewart Show, which was featured in the viral TikTok, Martha holds up a photo of Garner’s dog for the audience. “She’s a beautiful golden lab!” Martha says. “I hope you take it as a compliment,” Garner replies.

While Garner finally fulfilled her goal of being a guest on Martha’s show, she has one more hope. That Martha eventually names one of her own dogs after the actress. “I think it’s only fair if she eventually gets a dog, she names it Jennifer Garner,” the host of WeRateDogs says. “I didn’t want to have to be the one to say it, I’m glad you did,” Garner jokes.

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