You Really Are As Happy, Loving, Kind and Peaceful As You Choose to Be

You Really Are As Happy, Loving, Kind and Peaceful As You Choose to Be

“Happiness is a choice. You are as happy as you choose to be.” ~Richard Duane “Rick” Warren”. Take a moment, get in touch with yourself, and think about the choices you are making. And now think whether these choices will lead you to everlasting happiness and joy or will they bring pain, sadness, guilt, frustrations and emotional, mental and physical discomfort, now or in the later peaceful run.

What do these choices say about you and how do they define you? Do they give you a feeling of joy, peace and love, or does it seem like they’re pulling you down? If it seems more like the latter, then ask yourself this: Do I choose to stick with these choices, or should I make new, positive and better ones that’ll help me in my emotional, mental and spiritual growth? Am I courageous enough to shape my life the way I choose to? Or do I want to continue to live like a slave to my situations?

In my Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Peaceful

I always suggest my clients that the only person who has the power to give them happiness and joy and also the power to take it away from them, is they themselves.

Yes we are all humans and we get hurt when something sad happens with or around us, but for how long are we going to stay hurt or sad, that is a choice only we can make by choosing the path of peace and happiness eventually.

I always tell my Hypnotherapy clients that happiness is something that increases more when we give it to others. On how many people’s faces did you put a smile today? Just thinking about that would have made you smile and filled your heart with joy.

I suggest the clients who visit me for Hypnotherapy

Counseling that be the reason for someone’s happiness, those positive vibes always come back. Create more happy memories each day, for yourself as well as for others. Helping people brings happiness too. In whatever big or small ways, help as many people as you can everyday – even if it is just helping someone cross the road – or helping your mother sort out laundry, or helping your wife make the bed, or your child solve a math problem, or giving food to the poor… everybody needs a little help some time or the other. Choose to help. And when help comes your way, accept it with gratitude and remember to return it.

Choose happiness, choose joy, choose love and peace, and do all that it takes to stick to that choice.

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