Workout Is Extremely 5 Top Reasons Stretching Before

Workout Is Extremely 5 Top Reasons Stretching Before

Now let us touch base on the 5 Top Reasons why stretching is so important. One of the most important things to do Workout before any type of work out is to do at least 15 -30 minutes of stretching in order to prevent any type of injury.

What the stretching does is, it helps the muscles in your body warm-up and prepare them for the intense work out and it helps you to prevent any “pulled muscles” during your workout. Let’s say you will be doing a cardio workout that involves a lot of punching and kicking, if you forget to stretch you can really shock your relaxed muscles and cause major pain and soreness leaving you out for about 2 days or so. To prevent from any of this to happen to you, here are a few stretches I do before.

After every Workout:

Start with your arms up side by side and do small and gentle circular motions (about 2 sets of 8 forward and backwards)

Leg extensions either on the ground or elevated and this need to be done gradual and slow and the higher the leg stretch is the more your muscles will stretch and start worming up (about 2 sets of 15)

Slow Motion Mountain Climbers start at push up position, tighten your abs, pick up your right foot and slowly bring the knee toward the right shoulder, hold it for about 5 seconds and return to your start position. (Alternate legs until you have done 6 7 reps per leg)

Arm Cross Over Workout:

Begin by laying on your back and turning to the left, now bent your knees about 90 Degrees and now stretch both arms in front of you with your palms facing each other keeping your left arm and both legs in position, now rotate your torso to the right until your right hand and upper back are flat on the floor, now hold it for 5 seconds and return to start position (do about 10 reps on each side)

Yoga Plex (one of my favoritesyou can feel the stretch on this one) Start in a downward position with the palms and the heels flat on the floor and your back straight, slowly you will bring the right foot between the hands, now you will rotate the torso to the right as you reach out for your right arm toward the ceiling, hold it for about 5 seconds and reverse back to starting position (alternate between sides until you have done 6 reps on each side)

Another Workout incredible thing:

I love about stretching is the flexibility it gives you when you constantly stretch. This helps so much with the stiffness and the range of motion which slows the degeneration of the joints.

Stretching helps you with better breathing, respiratory flow, better circulation of the blood. It also helps improve your posture by stretching your lower back, shoulders and chest and it reduces muscular tension due to stress.

Stretching gives you full flexibility in the hamstrings, hip flexors and muscles attached to the pelvis relieves stress on the lumbar spine which in turn reduces the risk of low-back pain.

Now it is time for the cooling down exercises or some people also know it as post-exercise stretching. This is used for the recovery workout to help you cool down, bring your muscles back to normal and re-oxygenate your heart as you used a lot of it while doing your workout and this will bring it back to normal pumping speed.

Always keep in mind:

Just like exercising it must be done the right way and do not overdue it, as this can cause major pain and aches as well. With time you will get better at both, start slow and week after week you will get better and better and you will notice the flexibility that you have from when you started and to make it even more fun, don’t forget to either video tape it or take a picture of your progress for you and to show others what you have been able to accomplish. Happy Health and Fitness to you all and once again very happy to share this with you.

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