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Wholesale Paper Bags Making a Choice

While it’s difficult to find a grocery store in America that doesn’t opt for plastic as the default carrying method for their products, environmental pressure is forcing many retail outlets to make the switch back to a simpler time. Manufacturers of wholesale paper bags couldn’t be happier with this trend, and many customers feel the same way. If you’re in charge of a company that is looking to make the switch, here are some of the considerations you’ll need to factor in when determining where you should buy your bagging supplies.

Two Primary Choices

While there are a number of factors that separate one set of wholesale paper bags from another, the main concerns are going to be size related in some way. If you’re in charge of a business where customers are purchasing heavy products, you’ll want a sturdy container for them to walk out with. Opting for a multi-wall thickness may be your best option. However, considering that the bulk of retail does not involve such heavy purchases, single-wall options are much more common and will probably be your best bet. Keep in mind that a single wall option doesn’t need to mean “flimsy” by any means. You should still look for options that are thick and sturdy.

Size Wholesale

While many retail establishments will simply stick to a one-size fits all policy when it comes to the wholesale paper bags they choose, you may want to think about providing your customers and clerks with a choice. One of the biggest benefits of switching from plastic to paper is the ability to cut down on waste and litter. If you have to use the same large container for a single Coke as you do for fifteen cans of ravioli, you may not be cutting down on as much waste as you would like. Plus, customers appreciate it when they have as little to carry as possible. Choose an assortment of sizes.

Design Wholesale

Branding is one of the most important concepts behind building a business. While you’re not going to go under because you failed to choose wholesale paper bags that didn’t reflect your brand, it is one more step in the advertising puzzle. Think of Macy’s unmistakable “Large Brown Bag” and its smaller cousins. These remind people of Macy’s every time they are seen on the street. Of course, you don’t need a marketing gimmick. Simple putting your logo on the front or even choosing a fun color could be enough to subtly turn customer favorability in your favor.

The Biodegradable Paper Factory

Unlike plastic, paper retail bags are made from natural materials, which means that nature can break them back down into their original elements when they are thrown into a landfill. Plastic is another story altogether.

These simply sit in the landfill until virtually the end of time, causing municipalities across the country to move forward with plans for additional space. As the Pixar film Wall-E showed in stark detail, this is not a forward-thinking solution. Recycling is always a possibility with plastic, but the costs are prohibitive in most cases.

The Tree Debate Wholesale Paper

Of course, paper retail bags aren’t without their detractors. Those who advocate staying with plastic will point out the number of trees that have to be felled each year to keep us in paper products. While this is undeniable, the fact remains that trees are a renewable resource, unlike the oils and fossil fuels that go into creating plastic. Responsible lumber companies ensure that they replace as much as they eliminate. Is the problem without merit? No, there have been many wildlife and environmental tragedies due to irresponsible logging. Hopefully, however, the worst practices are moving into obsolescence.

Wholesale Reduction Of Litter

One of the biggest advantages of paper retail. Bags is that a single unit can hold much more than your typical plastic counterpart. While the bottom can come out of a paper bag just as it can on a one. It is much less likely due to way people carry them.

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