Which Pool Cue Stick is Right for You?

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No matter if it’s your first time learning how to play pool or if you’re an expert. There are various important considerations that will enhance both your pool experience and learning. Here is the first step to learning how to play pool before picking up the pool cue stick and striking the balls without any aim.

Instead of selecting the wrong pool cue sick, why not start with selecting the right one?

You might want to consider some of the factors below in order to choose the best pool cue stick specific to your needs.

Diameter of the cue tip

The diameter of the cue tip can dramatically affect your game. There are many different sizes of cue tips. The smaller diameters of pool cue tips help advanced players place a side-spin on the cue ball, known as English, whereas larger diameters help novice players pocket the balls more easily. Beginners are often advised to use cue tips with a large diameter (about 13 mm). You may be able to land even the most difficult shots with the larger surface area of the cue tip. You can improve your pool skills by trying smaller cue tips and practicing your sidespin.


Wraps are available in leather and linen, as well as no wrap at all. If you hold the wrap portion of the cue with your rear hand, a substantial portion of your flesh will be in contact with it. The best wrap for sweating is made of delicate linen or leather that can absorb lots of liquid. Rubber grips can also be used, but they quickly wear out and become slick. If you can, don’t use bare wood or fibreglass cues, since they won’t give you good grip, and may slip over time.

Weight of the cue stick

A variety of weights are also available for cue sticks. Choosing your stick weight and cue tip diameter should be based on your skill level. When learning how to pocket those difficult shots with ease, novices should use pool sticks that are a little lighter around 15 ounces, unlike professional players who use sticks weighing around 19 ounces. With a lighter cue stick, you are more likely to strike the cue ball in the direction you intend, even if it is slightly off center.

Length of the cue

A straight pool cue with the proper length is the first thing you should look for when purchasing a new pool cue. To ensure you have complete control over your game, it should be the same length as your arm. Anyone between the heights of 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 5 inches can comfortably hold a two-piece cue with a length of 58 inches. For players who are taller than that, we recommend ordering a cue that is at least 61 inches long. For children or adults of average height, a cue should be 48 inches or 52 inches long.

World of Cue

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