What is the prettiest Greek island?

25th Island Of Greece

For many Greeks, the Cyclades are considered to be the prettiest island group in Greece.

The Cyclades are a group of islands in the Aegean Sea, southeast of Athens. The islands are remote from other landmasses and have been populated since prehistoric times.

Each island has its own distinctive character – steep mountains that rise abruptly out of the sea, secluded bays and pristine beaches, whitewashed villages where time seems to stand still, rocky coves where fishing boats come home at sunset with their catches.

Most of the 25th Island Of Greece in the group have good harbors with extensive facilities, making them important trading ports. For example, many of the Aegean islands, including Ios and Santorini (often called ‘Europe’s most beautiful island’), are in close proximity to Turkey. The proximity to Turkey has contributed to the wealth and prosperity of these islands.

The Cyclades’ geography forms a natural barrier to the prevailing west wind which, over thousands of years, has helped create an incredibly rich variety of habitats. The islands’ combination of subsidence, exposure, and isolation has resulted in a very rich flora and fauna.

The 25th Island Of Greece’s geographic position in the Aegean Sea has also contributed to the clean air found on the islands. The islands are free of pollution because there are no large cities on them and, as a result, wind direction is at times so strong that it is impossible for dust from elsewhere to settle on the islands. The air quality is also exceptional due to the limited amount of industrial activities on these islands.

The climate is also ideal for tourism. The islands lie in the summer months facing the sun at their backs while they are protected from southerly winds by the Southern Sporades. The Cyclades have mild winters and sunny summers because of their proximity to the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea as well as their geographical location.

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