What is a Die-Cut Sticker?

What is a Die-Cut Sticker?

The most common type of stickers are by far die cut ones. You will undoubtedly come across the phrase if you search for personalized stickers online.

Our goal is to assist you. This concise tutorial explains what a die cut stickers is in plain English and without any jargon.

Everything will be discussed, including the die-cutting procedure, the distinctions between die-cut and kiss-cut stickers, and the best applications for your stickers.

A Die-Cut Sticker is What?

Your sticker’s cutting method is referred to as “die cutting.” It provides you with the same amount of information about the shape of your sticker as square or stickers with rounded edges.

It denotes that your sticker is shaped specifically for you, generally around your design. The phrase dates back to the time when heavy metal dies were employed to make this particular sort of sticker.

Although technology has advanced since then, the moniker has persisted (pun intended). Even if custom-shaped stickers would be a more appropriate term for them.

The edge of your design will be cut around if you purchase a custom die cut sticker today, through both the vinyl and paper backing, like this.

How are Stickers with Die Cuts Made?

The phrase refers to an earlier cutting method that used metal “dies” that were already formed. You may see a die as resembling a cookie cutter.

To create a die in the precise shape needed, thin strips of sharp metal were moulded into the necessary shape. They take a lot of time and money to make. After all, each one needs to be constructed with certain shapes in mind.

The appropriate form is then produced by using this bespoke die to cut directly through your materials. The die cutting procedure appeared as follows:

The die cut stickers, as opposed to custom-shaped stickers, got their name because of this.

Die cutting, however, is no longer used. In order to save time and money, the majority of the print industry now cuts bespoke stickers of various shapes and sizes utilising high-speed lasers and digitally controlled blades. This also makes it possible for us to rapidly and precisely carve delicate patterns.

This translates to you being able to order many bespoke shapes without going over budget. Additionally, it reduces surplus material and shortens lead times, cutting the price of your sticker.

Just have a look at this illustration of a 50 metre per minute laser cutting stickers!

Common Applications for Die-Cut Stickers

Individual die cuts are used to create custom labels and stickers. They are therefore ideal for several applications, including:

  • Giveaways during events
  • Stickers that you may sell to your clients
  • Stickers for phones and laptops
  • Auto bumper decals
  • Business-logo stickers
  • Any type of business stickers
  • Stickers for bike frames
  • Packaging for a single-use item (less than 1000 units)

To make your own unique design, use these as examples of creativity. You may submit it directly to our website or use our free online tool Graphic to quickly create your own stickers. We provide ready-made templates and components for you.

Die Cut Stickers Come in What Sizes?

You may select your ideal size when you order personalised clothing. Naturally, this will depend on how you want to utilise your stickers.

But over time, we’ve seen a standard size range that serves a variety of needs.

However, we advise getting your stickers printed on sheets if you need more than 1000 stickers and do not intend to give them away to clients, vendors, or business partners. Labels are used to describe stickers that are printed on sheets.

Your personalised labels may be die-cut like stickers. However, they will be much easier to peel as they are printed on a sheet. This helps you save a tonne of time, especially if you need to attach product labels to hundreds of items at once.

What Distinguishes Die Cut Stickers from Kiss Cut Stickers?

Sticker printing has a sophisticated vocabulary. Are stickers kiss cut or die cut? We frequently get questioned about that. In fact, it gets its own blog page because of how much.

The fact that a kiss cut sticker only cuts through the sticker layer is a useful difference to remember. Your stickers have an additional border left by the paper backing, which is still present.

You get the advantages of a sheet from this. Your stickers are stabilised and protected by the additional backing. Kiss cut stickers are ideal for firms who wish to incorporate your brand name or other details because of this as well.

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