What are the Advantages of Shoebox LED Light with Photocells?

What are the Advantages of Shoebox LED Light with Photocells?

Shoebox LED lights are a revolutionary illumination source. They are used to brighten larger areas such as a parking lot and are often used as street lights. They are better than the traditional lights because they illuminate more efficiently and have a lot of advantages under their belt.

These shoebox lights use LED instead of HID lamps or filaments. Shoebox LED lights are well-known for their sophisticated uses in outdoor settings. This is because they provide a diverse range of exciting styles with incredible luminosity. These lights are waterproof, making them suitable for use in outdoor applications even under harsh weather conditions.

The goal is to brighten as much area as possible; thus, they are enormous pole-mounted fixtures. The Shoebox LED light combines functionality and style. The best feature is that they are simple to install. They have a power range of 50W to 400W with a lumen output of over 60,000 making them energy efficient.

If you are looking for a Shoebox LED light, then Lepro is your place to be. Here are the advantages of using Shoebox LED light with photocell.


  • It has Photocells

Photocells are a type of sensor that detects light. These sensors detect the natural light and turn off the shoebox lights. Similarly, they will detect the darkness and turn the LED lights on. Photocells are automatic sensors allowing the Shoebox LED light to save energy and be more efficient.

With the help of these photocells, you don’t have to manually switch on and off the light each time. The lights will turn on and off on their own, saving you a lot of time and money.


  • Energy Efficient

LED lights utilize up to 75% less energy than traditional lighting and lamps while producing high-quality illumination. Reduced energy use not only saves money but also improves the environment. As a result, installing LED shoebox lighting will offer lower costs and ground impact.

This means that you will cut down your electricity by more than half. Also, LEDs have a longer lifespan as compared to traditional lights, which will eliminate the need to replace the fixtures ever so often.


  • Saves You Money

As established earlier, photocells can detect light and darkness, turning the light on and off on its own. These shoebox lights won’t waste energy during the daytime increasing your electricity bill.

Also, you won’t have to frequently replace the fixtures, thus spending less money to buy new ones. They have a 5000 hours lifespan, so you can relax about changing the light fixtures.


  • They are Durable

These lepro.com Shoebox LED lights are waterproof and can handle all types of extreme weather conditions. The IP65 waterproofing is excellent for protection against voltage spikes and can withstand humidity in outdoor locations.

They are easy to install with adjustable slip mounting features. They can resist rust, erosion, and heat dissipation.


  • High Brightness

Shoebox LED lighting is far brighter than other lights. The LED lights perfectly match the brightness and color to illuminate larger areas such as parking lots, streets, gardens, etc. The 13000lm brightness is enough to brighten a dark parking lot completely. With over 90 LEDs in a single shoebox light, you can imagine the illumination.


  • Increases Safety

LED lights save energy and money on maintenance while also providing a safe area for people to be in. A poorly illuminated area may result in theft or even accidents, but you can prevent these incidents with proper illumination. As a result, installing LED lights will be safer for everyone.


These are some of the most prominent advantages of LED shoebox lights. These advantages indicate that buying LED lights for keeping your area secure by illumination is a wise decision. Using high-quality lighting from reputable manufacturers such as Lepro will be beneficial for you.


Shoebox LED light with photocells is suitable for illuminating big areas such as parking lots, airports, playgrounds, warehouses, street lights, sporting venues, sidewalks, bridges, bus stops, etc. They are also suitable for areas where a big crowd may congregate. And so, it is ideal for light-sensitive environments such as hospitals, eateries, and resorts.

Now that you are aware of the advantages of shoebox LED lights, you can be confident before investing in them.

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