Two Absolute ‘Musts’ If You Want To Play Sports in College

Two Absolute 'Musts' If You Want To Play Sports in College

The second of the seven steps in the recruiting funnel is having the ability to compete at a college level; in the classroom and on the field. It is a combination of the two ‘musts’ that will increase your probability of earning a freshman roster spot and getting a scholarship. You will not get past this step with only one absolute ‘must’ to your credit.

There is no getting around the two absolute ‘musts’ if you want to play sports in college. Firstly, you ‘must’ be a good student. It helps your cause even more if you are an excellent student. Secondly, you ‘must’ be a good athlete. Also, it helps your cause even more if you are an excellent athlete. The problem is not every student-athlete is an excellent student, nor an excellent athlete. Yet, they still manage to earn athletic, academic and other scholarships. 

How Absolute do they do it!?

While it’s not necessary to be an Ivy League student you must have the ability to successfully compete in the classroom and not be an academic liability to a coach or a team. Good grades will create more playing opportunities and more academic scholarship opportunities. This is the ultimate goal. Remember, the coach is a very busy person and time management is just as important to their success as it is to yours. If you are struggling to keep your grades up in high school, what will happen to you with the added workload of college? If you flunk out or go ‘academically ineligible’ the coach will be spending the same time next year to refill the same spot. It’s easier for a coach to recruit a good student the first time around.

Student must be a good athlete

Also, the student must be a good athlete and have the ability to make a positive contribution on the field. It’s not necessary to be a D1 scholarship level player, but the student must be a contributor. The coach is responsible for putting a winning team on the field every year. The coach will recruit players who help him/her be successful. To improve your chances of being recruited, be the best athlete possible. To achieve that goal: play high school ball, play club ball, lift weights and run in the off-season, do skills training in the off-season, increase your speed and flexibility, see a trainer and play a second sport in school (cross train). All of these will help you improve your athletic ability and ultimately help you earn a roster spot and a scholarship.


Getting through all seven steps of the recruiting funnel is extremely difficult. The process can stop at any time. Most athletes do not get offers to play sports in college. In fact the NCAA states that approximately 5% of high school student athletes earn a freshman roster spot. Give yourself the best chance by being a good student and a good athlete.

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