Top 10 Ways to Get More Power From Smartphones

As the displays on Smartphones are getting bigger all the time, increasing amounts battery life are being used for this purpose. One of the best ways to increase battery life is to be smart about managing your display. I’ll begin my top ten ways with three tips for issues related to display.

Display Power From Smartphones

You can adjust the brightness of the screen to a lower setting and it will significantly improve battery life because the screen takes up less power when it is dimmer. Choose a setting that doesn’t strain your eyes – and console yourself with the thought that when the screen is at its full brightness it can cause eye strain when viewed in a dark room.

Various Types of Display (LCD vs. OLED) Power From Smartphones

OLED: Battery life is quickly drained by maintaining bright colors on the display. The best way to combat this problem is choose darker tiles on a dim background (Lumia 800).

White content can be five to ten times more wasteful of battery life. With the OLED displays, white content uses a tremendous amount of power while black or dark content uses next to none. This is because with dark content the phone isn’t displaying anything, technically speaking!

LCD: LCD screens use back lighting; therefore, the back light is always on whether you have black or white content. Even when the phone is not displaying anything, the light is on so extending battery life is a bit more complicated. Our next idea should help, however.

Stand-by Display

Your screen should automatically go on standby mode or switch off when you are not using your device. By reducing the time, it waits before going on standby; you can make sure that less battery power is used at the end of the day.


If you are not a frequent user of Bluetooth, you should always turn it off. Remember the guideline that you should turn off all apps that you don’t use often. This applies to Bluetooth as well. Turning off Bluetooth saves power as well as keeping your phone safer from hackers. You can also apply this principle to Wi-Fi. If your connectivity is switched off, your phone will not burn battery power constantly searching for hotspots.

Applications Power From Smartphones

You can decide how often your phone connects over a network (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) to collect information, if you use email/social media applications. Set this feature to check for information every 30 or more minutes to make sure that your battery isn’t being unnecessarily drained. I know there are people who check social media every five minutes and I always wonder how their battery lasts through the day.

Updates Power From Smartphones

When updating apps or software on your phone, always connect your phone to a power supply. There are times when your phone will update several apps at once and this can really tear through battery life if this process is done without external power running it.

Battery Saver Mode

It should be obvious why you should enable this feature on your device. It will make sure that your phone operates as efficiently as possible. When you are nearing the end of the life of your battery, the function will extend battery life as much as possible.

Phone Charging

Chargers made by your phone’s manufacturer will react when your phone’s battery is fully charged and will stop the charging process to avoid damage to the battery. If you are using a cheap knock-off charger, you can hurt the life expectancy of your battery long-term and you will find that your phone dies faster than it should.

Wall charging is up to twice as fast as using a USB cable connected to your computer, and is the most efficient way to charge.

Alerts Power From Smartphones

Unless you routinely keep your phone on silent mode, vibrating alerts can be unnecessary. Disable them because these alerts drain battery life. This is fairly obvious, but we are about to give you an extremely obvious tip.

Common sense

Any Smartphone user should expect their phone to be pretty much dead by the end of the day, unless you have not touched it at all in the course of your day. If charging the phone during your day won’t be possible and you know you will need it for a night on the town or for a long nighttime drive, you should be wise and avoid playing games, listening to music, and other battery drainer issues. If you don’t, you will regret it!