Tips for Choosing an Enterprise Web Developer

Tips for Choosing an Enterprise Web Developer

There are a lot of offers on the e-commerce market for website development today. This, on the one hand, expands the possibilities of clients, but at the same time, it greatly complicates the search for one contractor. Customers are often indignant when they receive finished projects from site developers. It is clear that in a time when digital commerce has become incredibly popular and everyone is looking to get an online store or sites for brand advertising, the competition in this area is incredibly high. Everyone wants to get a web resource better than the rest. This complicates the work of developers, because they need to turn on their fantasy and imagination to the fullest, use only innovative technologies and not forget about current trends.

Some developers have proven themselves in the field of creating business card sites, others are experts in working with startup sites and their promotion. This is the essence of the choice of the contractor: it is important to narrow the search field to the category of developers who are suitable for a specific task. This will help reduce personal time and, as a result, find a really good performer. Now let’s move on to how to get high-quality enterprise web development services and what criteria to choose a specialist for this job.

The main guidelines in choosing a website developer

Before you rush to find a performer, you need to spend a little time compiling a brief. In it you need to register all the parameters of the work, namely:

  • level of complexity and scale;
  • functional;
  • what tasks he should solve in terms of marketing;
  • project goals;
  • design requirements;
  • structure;
  • what target audience is it aimed at?

The customer should know all these points, since the developer only uses all the instructions, creating a full-fledged, functioning site according to the specified parameters.

Terms of Reference and Technical Requirements

To understand whether this or that candidate is right for you to do the job, you need to let him get acquainted with the technical requirements. Perhaps he will not like it or the level of complexity will not suit him. It will be possible not to waste time and go straight to the next specialist.

Do not confuse terms of reference with requirements. The last customer can come up with himself. As for the task, it is compiled together with the already selected developer based on the brief and other wishes of the client.

The terms of reference include a sequence of actions and important points that must be taken into account in the process of work. This is a kind of benchmark for specialists, to which the creators should look closely in the process of performing their tasks.

The choice of the artist by type and features of working with each of them

After the list of requirements for the developer has been compiled, it remains to decide where to look for it. It can be a freelance exchange, web studios, specialized IT companies or large IT companies like Fireart Studio. To understand where to start looking, you can familiarize yourself with the features of working with each type of performer:

  1. Freelancers will take on a small project. They will usually do pattern work. The level is mostly amateur.
  2. The web studio will perform work on the basis of ready-made templates and schemes, taking into account the technical side of the project.
  3. The IT company will be engaged in the individualized development of the site, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer, using top-level programming in the work.
  4. A large company with a large staff of employees will carry out the work from A to Z, including calculating the cost and conducting all the necessary analytics.

A corporate developer will help you create a business website or update an existing resource to improve its functionality and increase traffic.

Step-by-step instructions for choosing a corporate website developer

In order not to regret your choice and get the desired product as a result, you need to take the time to find a reliable contractor. The following instructions for choosing a corporate website developer will help you cope with the task:

  1. Decide on the goals and objectives of the site. The main goal of any corporate website is to increase profits and increase brand popularity. As for the tasks, the site should solve such as bringing a business to the Internet to attract even more visitors, to cover other cities or even countries, to contact new domestic and foreign partners, to increase the volume of products and expand its range.
  2. Calculate the budget and decide whether you need maintenance of the web resource after its creation. The cost of development and the price for creation plus site support after launch will be different. The second comprehensive service will cost more, but the client does not have to spend his time and effort on maintaining the site. The only thing that will need to be done by the customer is administration. That is, the work of an administrator or manager in any case should be shifted to someone, because any client wants to control the entire workflow, and this is absolutely normal under the current realities.
  3. Search for a performer. Experts recommend deciding on 8-10 candidates and choosing between them, comparing offers, prices and deadlines for each of them. Moreover, many need speed and, in combination, quality, as well as a low price. It is these performers that are preferred in the first place, but this is not strange at the present time, because the competition in the modern market is huge.
  4. Create a comparison table. This is to help the previous point. To make it easier to decide between several developers, you can create a table with such items as the assessment of the performer without communicating with him and after communication, portfolio, online reviews, achievements, price list.
  5. Rate performers. This will take only 15-20 minutes of personal time. You need to get acquainted with customer reviews, the developer’s portfolio and his sites that have already been launched, how popular they are and what kind of traffic they have.
  6. Communicate with each of the selected candidates. This is not the same communication as with the chosen performer, but this moment is necessary. 15 minutes for each candidate to find out if they are ready to take on the job, how much time it will take, the approximate cost of the project, if there are guarantees and if communication can be maintained at all stages of the work. It is important for the client to understand that he can monitor the progress of the work so that it does not suddenly turn out that time is running out, but only half of the work has been done.
  7. The presence of foreign experience as a decisive selection criterion. If the developer has experience not only in the domestic, but also in the foreign market, you can put a bold plus in front of him. This suggests that the contractor is focused on innovative website creation processes, uses only up-to-date technologies and methods, follows trends in the world of website development and trends in the field of e-commerce. This means that his product will be guaranteed to be of high quality. It remains only to determine the price and terms.

After 2-3 out of 8-10 candidates remain, you can talk personally with each of them, already deciding the details of the project and the price issue. This will allow you to select a contractor who works with high quality, responsibly and offers favorable prices for his work. An additional criterion may be communication with the client and the fact that the performer is constantly in touch, does not disappear, responds to questions in a timely manner, etc.

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