The Importance of Organic Traffic with Sebastian Beja

organic traffic

What’s your entrepreneurial story?

I’ve been an entrepreneur for years, but I was getting quite sick of it as I didn’t feel any passion or purpose behind my work.

All I was focused on was how I could bring in more money. 

Then I connected with Mindvalley, the largest personal development company in the world and I supported them on starting and scaling their organic traffic both in Google and Youtube. 

Helping them helped me get clear on my mission of eradicating poverty from the mind. That’s when I started Elevate and launched our digital product called PIPO (stands for prosperity inner-engineering program online) which is about your mindset and relationship with money. 

It helps people identify and eradicate negative thoughts about money, such as ‘money is bad’, `money is not enough’, etc. In other words, we provide the tools that allow people to unlock everything that limits them from attracting more money. 

Lastly, the second product we launched is the vehicle or tool that actually allows people to generate that desired income, which in this case is creating content that sells without having to pay for advertising, which is what I did with companies like Mindvalley and The Art of Living Foundation. 

What did you do to help clarify your direction?

I used an exercise called heaven on earth which dramatically changed the course of my life and clarified my direction. Google it and do it for yourself. 

Also remembering that life is a mirror of what you value, digging into my values helped me figure out who I wanted to help which gave me the purpose I needed to keep going.

What is your definition of success?

Being able to work on the things I care about gives me a sense of meaning. I like being able to see that what I do helps other people.

And doing it alongside with smart-driven people that I care about and respect. 

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