Teacher Picks for Best Tech Tools

Best Tech Tools

Teachers are the pillar of the nation who strive hard to offer quality education to students. They ensure to improve the engagement of students in the class. The better the performance of students will be, the better the grade they will get. Virtual educational tools make the students more proactive and interactive towards learning. Moreover, teachers get a golden chance of explaining concepts to students with ease. The best education technology tools are highly durable and accurate, for instance, Inverse Laplace transform calculator, parabola calculator and others.

Best Technological Tools

Certain technological tools have got massive value in the eyes of teachers. It is because of the splendid and stunning features of these. Some of the valuable technological tools are:

·         Inverse Laplace Transform Calculator

·         Gimkit

·         Mural

·         Mentimeter and Slido

·         Flipgrid

·         Screencastify

·         Prezi

Inverse Laplace Transform Calculator

Engineering is a professional education that demands lots of focus and an excellent understanding of concepts. Laplace inverse calculator is the most excellent online tool that intends to help engineering students. Both mechanical and electrical engineering students learn the concept of inverse Laplace through the Inverse Laplace calculator. Teachers can easily explain the concept of Laplace to students and can demonstrate the working of it. They can do so through the use of a free cost online tool named inverse Laplace transform calculator.


Gimkit is an excellent educational tool that creates splendid questions sets for the students to answer. It helps in developing competition among the classmates. This competition proves to be a marvellous source of review and surface learning. The major benefit that it offers is the repetition of answers. Students answer the questions and earn points for them. Teachers can get the best engagement of students through using Gimkit.


Virtual collaboration is improved through the use of Mural. Teachers can connect with the students and can manage the virtual sticky notes. It helps much in organizing and reorganizing the meetings. The Mural is the platform that lets the user showcase their ideas and organize them creatively in the form of drawings, frameworks, flowcharts and lists. It is easy to operate and comprises of user-friendly interface.

Mentimeter and Slido

Teachers get a sign of relief in getting feedback from groups. They can easily rank the performance of students with the use of the Mentimeter educational tool. Teachers get the response from students and scale it accordingly. Slido is free of cost and an easy to use educational tool. The real-time data gathered on the questions are stored in word clouds. These technological tools contribute towards the initiation of discussion and interaction.


Digital projects are easy to submit for the students due to the use of Flipgrid. It is a popular and renowned technological tool for teachers which offers great flexibility. It effectively helps the teachers in giving feedback quite instantly and supports the peer in several regards.


Math is such a boring and dull subject which loses the interest of students. Teachers can add more value to math by using Screencastify. It helps them in working with the math problem quite efficiently through explaining the points quite vividly. The major benefit that it offers to teachers is that it reduces the chances for the students towards cheating. Teachers can easily observe the working of students fabulously.


Visual presentation is no more a hassle now. Prezi is the technological approach that has made visual presentation to be massively exciting and easier. It comes up with necessary updates when required to make the presentation even more engaging. Teachers enjoy using Prezi due to its fabulous features, including capturing the content, explanation and lectures. It can be personalized the way user’s want. 

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