Supervisor Training Programs Top 6 Reasons

Supervisor Training Programs Top 6 Reasons

This article is right for you if you are looking for training to improve your supervisory skills. We’ll talk about the top six reasons why supervisor training is often ineffective, plus we’ll talk about the flip side of how to get the most value from your supervisor training dollars.

Supervisor Have you ever taken:

A class for work and then not applied the new information? Have you ever wanted to do things differently and wished you had a support system to help you? Have you been excited about new ideas but didn’t think your boss would support you in applying them?
If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone. Let’s take a look at what goes on in most supervisor training programs, regardless of the supervisory skill topic, that can get in your way of success.
First, what happens to limit the effectiveness of supervisor training programs?

Top 6 reasons supervisor training programs don’t improve performance:

  1. Fire hose feeling – too much information at once, how do I apply all of this?
  2. Concept driven versus application driven – lacks action plan to implement
  3. Information not reinforce after the ‘event’ of training
  4. Lack contact after training for clarifying or refresher when time to use
  5. Little consequence if not applied – no reporting
  6. Delivery of the content not aligned with all learning styles

As you look at supervisor courses, review the course outline and ask yourself how the program compares to the following aspects.

What makes highly effective supervisor training programs

  1. Content delivered over time in small pieces – improves retention and sense of do-ability
  2. Delivery integrates all learning styles – visual, auditory and kinesthetic
  3. Content delivered and action plan immediately created for implementation – keep relevant and real
  4. Some kind of reminder system to reinforce content, action items, lingo alive
  5. On-going interaction for help and questions during implementation time
  6. Participant’s supervisor follows up on the learning and implementation

Learning a new supervisor:

Skill or taking action outside of what you would normally do can take time. The on-going reinforcement and engagement to keep the new idea alive is critical to successfully making a long lasting shift in behavior.

So set yourself up for success and find supervisor training programs that include these factors of making the content relevant for you, action oriented to your work situation and reinforced upon your return to work. Also, link up with a supervisor coach or mentor to support your development.

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