Storage Tips and Tricks to Create Extra Spaces for Small Offices

Storage Tips and Tricks to Create Extra Spaces for Small Offices

Small offices are great for communication and socializing but when it comes to space for physical storage, small offices do not seem all that good anymore. Space constraints can be problematic as requires spaces and more than that, equipment such as tables, printers and other office accessories require large spaces. Working in small spaces can also make you feel very restricted. Here are some tips and tricks to create extra spaces for your small offices.

Storage Make good use of the upper walls

Have cabinets and shelves built on your walls for extra storage spaces. This works because the upper walls are rarely or almost never used. Spaces like these should not waste. Instead it should be put to good use! The cabinets and shelves can run along. The circumference of your office walls. Creating the extra space that you never thought you have.

Digitize data

Instead of keeping physical files and documents that requires physical storage spaces. You can transform the physical files into digital copies. Adopting network storage systems can aid in the data sharing in your office. If you are worried that these data will disappear. You can create several backups of your files. And documents in a hard disk. Which only takes up a small portion of your table! You can even opt to add network passwords to keep your data private and confidential.

Create “hidden” storage spaces

This can be done by using tables with drawers or hidden compartments, cabinets under the desks and built-in furniture. With less clutter around your office, the entire place will look neater and hence, larger. Hidden storage spaces also utilizes space that would have otherwise gone to waste, such as the empty leg room under the table and empty spaces within the furniture. Look out for furniture with hidden compartments like chairs with a hollow center for storage.

Sliding doors Storage

Opt for sliding doors instead of the regular swing-open doors as this will get rid of the “swing” space needed for such doors. You can turn this space into storage or placing of your equipments instead!

Create illusion of a bigger office space

You can do this by placing mirrors on the walls to “extend” the office as this creates. The illusion of a larger room. Making use of colors can also help create an illusion of a bigger room. Paint the room using just one bright color. So that the whole office looks like. It is one entire room instead of spaces segregate by different wall colors.

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