Selling sneakers, Idrees Kickz makes a fortune at only 19 years

One of the best sneaker resellers of Canada, Idrees Kickz rises high with each of his new online ventures under his brand Woiair.

People all across the world debut across several business industries; however, what makes a number of them sustain themselves in the aggressive and competitive global business markets are a combination of a lot many qualities and skills. Some say it is only determination and hard work, while some others believe that consistency and self-belief also are of critical importance that the gen-next need to be conscious and aware about for making it huge in the entrepreneurial world. Imagine a teen who went ahead to make his global presence and sculpted his name as a successful entrepreneur not in one but various niches. Sounds unreal? Well, this is a true story of a teenager from Canada named , alias Idrees Kickz who kicked it off properly across the entrepreneurial world together along with his braveness and enthusiasm and made himself a proud millionaire who now owns 4 online businesses under his brand ‘Woiair’.

Youngsters are nowadays garnering plenty of buzz and popularity nearly in all business industries as they bring along with them a sense of newness and innovativeness to industries, inspiring other youngsters to concentrate on their goals and take actions to make all their dreams a reality. Idrees Kickz comes as the best example who has created breakthroughs in the online space, optimizing the mediums to its complete capability and adapting himself according to the changing times as a millennial entrepreneur.

Selling sneakers, Idrees Kickz makes a fortune at only 19 years.

The e-commerce space very early had made a mark on Idrees Kickz’s heart and mind and for the love, he felt for footwear, he believed he should disrupt the e-commerce area as a sneaker reseller and that is what he did. Starting his entrepreneurial expedition at only 13, Idrees Kickz now at 19 years of age proves that being skillful and having the interest to study new things can assist people in finding out themselves and recognize greater talents within them which they can even put into effect in their work and grow to be efficient and prominent personalities of the business world.

Woiair is the brand that Idrees Kickz initiated whilst he was only 16 years. Today, the brand has gone ahead many across the market through his adroitness and positive mindset, believing in his goals and his efforts. With Woiair, Idrees Kickz has attempted to spread his wings in the online space by founding four online businesses. ‘Woiair Sneakers’ exudes Idrees Kickz’s passion for sneakers and shoes and consists of a number of comfy and fashionable footwear for clients. Woiair Merchandise promotes trend in fashion with their clothing collection. Woiair Real Estate is wherein Idrees Kickz would be taking clients toward their home goals offering the best constructed real estate spaces. And, with Woiair Digital Agency, this teenager has gone a step ahead with beginning a digital marketing firm that would take care of the customer’s online reach and presence in the online space.

Idrees Kickz has already proved his talents and capabilities as a versatile entrepreneur. Know much more about him through his social media -Twitter/YouTube/Instagram/Facebook/TikTok @idreeskickz.

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