Rolling Luggage From Hello Kitty Upbeat Convenience

After you have traveled by air several times. You come to realize how similar thousands of rolling nylon bags is to your luggage. You need only gaze at the carousel after an 8 hour transatlantic flight to discover that two hundred pieces of black luggage are nearly as alike as clones – except for those few that are highly distinctive, such as the Hello Kitty line of rolling luggage. Having a bright, colorful bag bearing the friendly face of Kitty White helps you quickly separate your luggage from the conveyor.

Choosing distinctive luggage with recognizable:

Imagery is helpful if your baggage gets lost somewhere along the way, too. Airline personnel can also zero in on your luggage if it has gone missing if the distinctive face of Kitty White is smiling in the lost and found.

Hello Kitty luggage certainly stands out from the ordinary dark, plain bags. These bags can consideredconvenient as well as upbeat. The blithe, innocent cat with her bow and short, energetic limbs also projects a mood of good-natured optimism and frisky enthusiasm. This luggage can represent your personal style and remind you to smile even during long stopovers or other complex airport situations.

Several different kinds of rolling luggage from Hello Kitty are available, including:

Hello Kitty Mini Rolling Luggage – A small, 15″, square nylon cloth bag with two wheels and a 10″ extensible handle. This luggage is mean to provide transport for a small number of garments. Mini rolling luggage comes in two colors – red with white polka dots, with Kitty White looking over a big red bow, named “Peeking”, and pink with Hello Kitty sitting in a pink kimono, with cherry blossoms around her (“Sakura”).

FriendsWithYou x Hello Kitty Rolling Luggage – A medium-sized nylon bag moving on four 360° wheels. This bag is maneuvere with a telescoping handle or carried with a side or top strap handle. Hello Kitty is not alone on this bag – amid a sprinkling of rainbows. The small white cat romps alongside the Rainbow King and Buddy Chub, a pair of characters from “Friends with You”. The background color is bright royal blue. There are four zipper pockets in addition to the main compartment with its zipper closure.

Hello Kitty Briefcase:

Checkered – A container for documents and other light loads. This bag rolls along on four wheels and offers either a strap. Handle for carrying at your side or a 20″ rolling handle to let the floor support the briefcase’s weight. There are two large zipper containers that divide the interior of this 6″ wide briefcase between them. The checkered pattern features grey and white squares, with occasional bows and a large depiction of Hello Kitty’s face.

Hello Kitty Rolling Luggage:

Checkered – A checkered bag with the face of Hello Kitty placed artistically amid a sparse pattern of bows. The bag is 21″ long, with both telescoping handles and fixed strap handles. The exterior features a zippered pocket and a key ring. The interior houses a mesh zippered pocket and pink elastic strap.

Hello Kitty Travel Case:

Checkered – This chest-shaped checkered case has two stout fixed loop handles 8″ in diameter besides an extensible handle. Two zippered pockets are found inside the case, and a third is located on the exterior. And this outside pocket offers plenty of space for small items that need to be kept readily available.

Why struggle through airports or railway stations with suitcases that you must carry. When the Hello Kitty line of rolling luggage can get you and your bags where you’re going without any strain? Pulling is always a great deal easier than carrying, and the free moving wheels. Straps, and telescoping handles, along with the distinctive. Blithe Kitty White on every piece, will make your journey easier and much more enjoyable.