Rehab Clinics Need a Reliable Answering Service

A rehabilitation clinic is a serene environment where drug and alcohol dependents are giving another chance to start anew. Studies show that the longer a patient stays in rehab, the greater their chances of recovery.

Hence, it is very important that upon the first point of contact. The patient should already encourage to come and stay at the rehab clinic for the recommend duration of time. This can easily achieve employing the right individuals as front office receptionists and then backing them with an equally reliable and well-script answering service.

When phones keep ringing in rehab clinics:

They become great distractions for patients who are supposed to be on their way to recovery. Other than that, the clinic’s staff cannot afford to have their concentration diverted by phones ringing off the hook and/or making appointment reminders. That is why an answering service is greatly appreciated by both the patients and the clinic staff.

So what are the different kinds of rehab clinics and how can they benefit from an answering service?

• Rehab for alcoholics

There is a pattern of addiction in most stars today and that is alcohol. By admitting their addiction, they go to alcohol rehabs without anyone knowing about it. Hence, it is of grave importance that the person answering the phones or facing new clients is trustworthy enough to keep the identity of their patients a secret. As such, the way most office automation set up is that it base on privacy.

There is less human intervention so you would expect little to no leakage of information. Once a patient calls in, his or her information will store in a central database. Then reminder calls automatically to keep all the information still intact.

• Drug rehabs

When a person has been previously drug dependent suddenly withdraws, he or she experiences anxiety, depression and craving. That is why it is important that drug rehab facilities are solemn environments so as not to make the road of recovery very difficult for previous addicts. Without the occasional ringing of phones. This silence of the environment will not break.

With the help of a good answering service, new relationships continue to establish over the phone without ruining already existing relationships with patients. If there is an emergency, calls will automatically direct to the affected party so fewer people will disturb the ringing of the phone.

In addition:

Without the physical space used by in-house secretaries and call center agents, there becomes less clutter to an already-hectic environment. Staffs are free to move around. When there is a need to because they will not attach to the phones.

Depending on your chosen software. You can also implement bilingual services to widen. Your scope of potential target market. Another advantage is that you can configure. The setting of your answering service to still take calls. Even when your clinic close. And if emergency arises. Calls will forward to doctors even if they are not within the premises of the rehab clinic.

There is so much that you can do with the right software. When combined, it can be the reason for your clinic’s success.