Random Trivia Questions, A Test of Skill, Knowledge, and Intelligence:

Trivia Questions

Trivia is little-known facts or unimportant matters. Examples of trivia are details of a race that happened ages ago. Random questions seem insignificant, but they test your memory and intelligence. Random trivia questions are great to pass the time. 

With the development in every subject, industry, science, and culture, there is a substantial increase in the facts and figures that are irrelevant and unimportant yet are a part of the information our minds gather and observe. Such insignificant information help constitute random trivia questions. 

With the advent of modern information systems, this random data, although humungous in storage requirement, data has been categorized and arranged. Yet the amount of data is so massive that one is unable to comprehend all of the random trivia questions of one subject only.  

Each subject contains millions of random trivia questions giving overabundant data for random trivia quizzes.

There are plenty of online options if you play such random trivia question games. But picking just one site is not appropriate. Though you will not run out of random questions, themes can get monotonous since search engines like to find patterns in your behavior. 

Our team has short-listed a couple of online random trivia question sources that guarantee you a question bank on a variety of subjects. The majority of the websites we have listed are free and have free questions for kids.

Random Trivia Generator

The Random Trivia Generator is a free platform with multiple categories (arts, science, general, geography, history, and entertainment). The website is available for both adults and kids, and users will find plenty of free quizzes for kids on many subjects. RTG is the most popular trivia night online option available today.


Somewhat a similar website to RTG, Brainfall is an excellent option for random trivia questions. Brainfall has thousands of questions in the database, and you will never get bored of answering them. The website also offers other random question banks focused on females, IQ, entertainment, etc. The website is free and does provide free quiz for kids.


“Sporcle” has questions on multiple world subjects. Don’t search in the category list; click on the search bar and type world, any specific continent or country. You will find questions by subjects, discovery, region, and many other categories. Choose your option and have a go. The website is free and does have free quizzes for kids as well.

Fun Trivia.com

With more than One Hundred and fifty thousand online random trivia quizzes, funtrivia.com is a resource for random trivia questions. The best thing we liked about the website is; the date vise categorization of random trivia questions. Such arrangement means you can search for random trivia questions relevant to the date of your choice. For example; You can choose October 21st, and the random questions the website will provide you will represent the occurrences relevant to October 21st.


Socratic is a brilliant website for general knowledge questions for practice purposes. 

It categorizes an assortment of subjects backed up by a massive databank of random questions relevant to the topics. The website has apps for the play store and iTunes for our smart devices, making it more attractive by going mobile.

Hopefully, when you gather around for random trivia questions session, the above options will help you ask and answer unique questions.

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