Paradigm Shift From Dot-Com to Storage Sector

Paradigm Shift From Dot-Com to Storage Sector

Do frequent lay-offs in the Dot com bother you a lot during times of recession? Then it’s the time to tap the underlying opportunity in the storage sector. So Paradigm need is pretty visible and eminent. But, this also requires the aspirants in oracle DBA jobs to make a lifetime commitment.

In a CNN article the author also states that “Database Administrator jobs to be one of the Top 10 Promising jobs with solid job growth outlook over the next several years”. In short that would mean like all other profession, becoming a DBA is just a profession which would require lots of careful preparations right from his college Paradigm days.

Paradigm Before moving on further:

Let us first understand about a Database and Oracle. A database is an organized collection of data which can be textual, pictures, programs or anything in computer understandable form. Oracle is a set of processes and codes which manage how data is managed and accessed. So, Currently Oracle provides with a world class database with most advanced feature set by developing new business models to better serve India’s citizens and modernize the economy.

An Oracle DBA earns an average of 4 to 5 lakh. Sounds great!!! Isn’t it? Very true indeed, a job in Oracle DBA is always rewarding. If you have the right skills and the determination to face and the right attitude to deal with challenges, then DBA is the job meant for you undoubtedly. As long as there are computers, ‘m sure there will exist a database in one or the other form. And for every database there exists a DBA.

So this is where Paradigm:

The Oracle DBA positions himself differently and earns more money. With the global market being more receptive to an Oracle DBA, or if you are in the start of your career waiting for a perfect launch, then Oracle DBA is the key, as it is in peak of demand today.

The key skills required to become a successful oracle DBA

A MBA degree ( preferably Software engineer with a MBA qualification)
Do not confuse the DBA job with the job of Engineers working in Database Administration.
Outstanding Communication Skills
Database Administration Skills
Life time Commitment to the profession

Now talking Paradigm:

About life time commitment of a DBA to a company, huge companies just won’t let their confidential and most important data to any DBA. This is the main reason for them to look for DBAs who have shown a commitment to their profession.

With the future being very unpredictable, appetite towards global presence and latest technology, rapid investment and growth in the Indian market strive towards a challenging environment always keeps you wanted in the future.

I would say:

The best thing to have destiny in your own hands is that; it is the right time to pull up your socks and start preparing yourself to be an Oracle Database Administrator and have solid future prospects of growth and innovation.

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