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15,000 migrants detained in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has launched a large-scale crackdown on illegal immigrants. About 15,000 migrants have been detained in a week in different parts of the country. The Saudi government has…

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The Iraqi prime minister survived from a close assassination attempt

A car bomb had exploded at an Iraqi police recruiting center at Kisak, west of Baghdad. The drone was loaded with explosives. Al Jazeera and Reuters reported that the attack…

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Why they got off the plane and ran away?

One of the busiest airports in Spain was closed for about four hours. The Spanish government says immigrants tried to enter the country illegally last Friday, local time. This measure…

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The Israeli government has denied any involvement with the Pegasus manufacturer

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid has claimed that the government has no ties with the NSO group, the maker of Pegasus spyware. The news agency Reuters reported this information. The…

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Delhi is going through the most polluted day of the year

Air pollution is at its peak in Delhi, the capital of India. Delhi is in the worst position of the year on Friday in the Air Quality Index (AQI). There…

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Genetic traits Covids are at higher risk of death in South Asians

A ‘gene’ plays a role in doubling the risk of death, including lung failure, in coronavirus infection. A team of scientists from Oxford University has found such a gene. Their…

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The naked man was stuck in the gap between the walls

A man has been rescued from a wall in Syracuse, New York. However, the rescuers were surprised after rescuing him. Because that person was naked. The man was screaming for…

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