Onboarding Pack for New Writers

We are delighted to add your Medium account to our publications as new contributors. Welcome! Thank you for joining Onboarding Integrated Publications supporting more than 12,800 writers on Medium.

The purpose of this post is to inform writers joining our publications ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION Book chapters, Technology Hits, SYNERGY, ILLUMINATION’S MIRROR, and Readers Hope. Our publications run on Medium. We extended collaboration capability using Slack. Our owner and chief editor.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz Onboarding:

Will invite you to the Slack workspace via the email addresses you registered to our writer application form. If you don’t get the invitation from him, please leave a message on this article pointing out the problem.

Participation in the Slack workspace is optional and free. More than 10,000 members joined and have been creating meaningful interactions. They easily access publications resources and editors using our Slack workspace. In addition, we have 80 volunteer editors spread across several time zones to support your inquiries.

Our editors are writers too. They understand your writing requirements with empathy and compassion. Their purpose is to help you gain experience and visibility. These editors are not paid or compensated financially. However, you can meet some of them profiled in this collection. Collection of Editor Bios. Meet Editors of Illumination Integrated Publications

Onboarding Publishing Guidance:

Illumination has seven publications. They serve various requirements of writers aiming to reach a broader audience on Medium and beyond. Since our publications run on Medium, all contributors must adhere to the policies and rules of the platform.
Before submitting your articles, please check publication guidelines and other guidelines in our educative artifacts to the starter kit. Besides, you can find more info in the roadmap for ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications.

As you may enjoy, we don’t censor your stories. However, our readers expect a basic level of English in your content. Therefore, you need to meet this requirement. However, if you want to share raw content, you can submit them to the Readers Hope publication designed for this purpose. Other publications require the use of structured language. We accept only English. Different publications support other languages. Please search Medium for your desired language.

Please pay Onboarding to photos:

In your stories to meet our guidelines. When you submit articles with copyright-free images and cite them properly. Your stories can be published quicker. Please review the image handling policy before submitting your articles.

Our publications don’t accept articles with copyrighted images. It is against Medium rules and our publication policy. Editors regularly check plagiarism. They reject plagiarised content. We remove your accounts and stories from our publications when you attempt plagiarism.

Please keep in mind that Medium also penalizes plagiarists. We warn our contributors rigorously due to dire consequences. We tolerate other mistakes and support you to correct procedural and writing errors. However, we do not take plagiarism and copyrighted photos.

Your success is vital to us.

Therefore, we propose writing challenges to boost your performance. These challenges can be valuable for your growth. You can gain new followers and readers by joining challenges and writing prompts from publications or other writers. You can join the 100-day writing challenge. We offer a writing prompt to introduce yourself and your favorite stories. Please check this challenge for prolific writers interested in posting multiple short stories a day: 1,000 Short Posts in 100 Days.