More Than Six Uses For An SMS Reminder Service

More Than Six Uses For An SMS Reminder Service

If your business deals with customer appointments then you should already be using an SMS reminder service to remind your customers of their appointments. Online reminder services make scheduling SMS text reminders easy and affordable. SMS appointment reminders are just one of many ways you can use an SMS online service. Here are 7 different ways you can take advantage of SMS technology.

1) Sending bulk text message announcements Six Uses For An SMS Reminder.

Most good SMS text services will allow to send out bulk text messages to your customers. Bulk SMS is a personal and effective communication tool that businesses can use to let their customers know about special promotions or any other business related news. Your online SMS reminder service will let you either send out your bulk SMS messages instantly, or schedule them to go out at a future date. You could even upload the recipients with a spreadsheet, saving you from typing in them all in.

2) Receiving SMS replies from your customers Six Uses For An SMS Reminder.

Many online reminder services will give you the option to receive SMS replies from your customers. It’s a convenient way for your customers to communicate back to you regarding their appointment, allowing you to re-schedule and free up the appointment slot if necessary.

3) Scheduling recurring reminders.

Recurring SMS messages can be scheduled for many purposes. One way to utilize recurring text reminders is to schedule birthday messages for your customers to go out once a year. Medical practices can use recurring reminders to remind patients to take medicine at specific days/times.

4) Customer surveys Six Uses For An SMS Reminder.

If your online SMS reminder service allows your customers to reply directly to SMS messages then you could use SMS as a way to conduct customer surveys. You could send out a bulk text survey to your customers asking them to reply 1 to 5, for example. Later, you can download the results to an Excel spreadsheet and analyze the results.

5) Customer orders.

SMS messages can be used to give your customers an easy way to order your products. For example, if you own a fruit delivery business you could schedule weekly text messages to ask your customers to reply back with their weekly fruit order.

6) Advertising and branding Six Uses For An SMS Reminder

Online SMS reminder services can be used to advertise products to new and potential customers. Some online text reminder services will even let you use your business name as message sender, giving you a great way to brand your business to your customers.

7) Appointment reminders

The most common way businesses use text reminder services is for appointment reminders. Text reminders are proven to be the most effective way to reduce missed appointments, making them invaluable to all businesses that deal with customer appointments.

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