Microsoft Announces Additional LinkedIn Products

Microsoft Announces Additional LinkedIn Products

On Tuesday, Microsoft Corp. announced that qualified members of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub will have access to Recruiter Lite , Sales Navigator Core , LinkedIn Premium Business , and LinkedIn Ads .

 Through the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, the goal is to remove barriers to startup success and provide founders at any stage with free resources to help build a successful business, from Azure credits to expert guidance. Recently, Microsoft has added a number of new benefits, from access to GPT-3 models with Open AI to no-code tools like Bubble , to help startups succeed.

“With the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, our goal is to help foster success at every stage of the journey,” said Charlotte Yarkoni, president of Microsoft Commerce + Ecosystems. “Startups around the world have already started taking advantage of existing benefits like Azure credits and free software to help with cost optimization and technical advice to build a better product, so we’re excited to add new value with LinkedIn to help founders recruit talent, find and win clients, and network with peers and investors.”

To support companies with the process of recruiting talent, finding clients, and networking with colleagues and investors, today’s announcement will allow qualified members access to four LinkedIn products:

  •  Hire the right people with Recruiter Lite: To help startups meet the challenge of hiring new talent, Microsoft offers qualified members a 3-month subscription to Recruiter Lite. Recruiter Lite helps you make the most of your network to identify the right hires for your company and build a pipeline of candidates to fill talent gaps as your organization expands.
  • Grow business with Sales Navigator Core: Qualified members of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub can now get 3 months of access to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Core, using people-powered insights to target the right buyers, understand who they are and participate effectively.
  • Expand the network with LinkedIn Premium Business: Startups can access data and information about companies relevant to their business, find and connect with potential customers outside their network, and create opportunities by turning their profile views into strategic connections. Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is now offering qualified members a 3-month subscription.
  • Building Brands with LinkedIn Ads: Advertising on LinkedIn’s unparalleled professional network can help a brand engage a community of decision makers to drive action that is relevant to the business. Qualified members of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub can now receive up to $1,000 USD in advertising credits to generate leads, drive traffic, and build awareness for the startup’s brand and product.

These benefits allow qualified startups to take advantage of LinkedIn’s broad spectrum of services to boost their business. The availability of benefits at all levels of the program means that qualified members can access these tools, even those in the early stages of their development.

To get access to these LinkedIn benefits along with a wide range of Microsoft tools and third-party offerings, sign up for the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub today.

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