Mark Zuckerberg gave a fan his vintage Facebook hoodie with a handwritten note

Sophia Wesley
Sophia Wesley
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  • Mark Zuckerberg gave a fan one of his old Facebook hoodies along with a handwritten note.
  • The fan said the hoodie was posted on Facebook Marketplace to celebrate Facebook’s 20th anniversary.
  • The hoodie features a custom lining bearing Facebook’s original mission statement.

Mark Zuckerberg is spreading the love — in hoodie form — to his fans.

The Facebook founder and Meta CEO, who’s famous for his casual style, sent a fan one of his old hoodies, customized with a lining depicting Facebook’s original slogan: “Make the world more open and connected.” The package even included a handwritten note from Zuckerberg.

The lucky recipient of the Zuck memorabilia, Matt Thompson, posted about it on Threads on Wednesday, sharing photos of the hoodie’s lining and the note from Zuckerberg.

“One of my favorite old-school Facebook hoodies,” the note said. “I wore this all the time in the early days. It even has our original mission statement on the inside lining. Enjoy!”

Thompson said in another Threads post that Zuckerberg had posted the hoodie on Facebook Marketplace in celebration of the platform’s 20th anniversary. Thompson said that fans were able to bid on it for free and that he won.

“@zuck I received your sweater/hoodie/zip up (whatever kids call it these days),” Thompson wrote. “Thank you for sharing!!!! Definitely framing this bad boy. But I will absolutely let my Zuck obsessed child and a few members of my HS eSports team wear it a bit.”

Zuckerberg replied, “Enjoy!”

Thompson said that he coaches a high-school “League of Legends” esports team and that he hoped this experience would help draw attention to a fundraiser he’s holding for the students, who he said are big fans of Meta’s social platforms.

“I’d legit cry if the students received more funding because of something like this,” Thompson wrote.

And if you’re wondering what the decades-old sweater smells like, Thompson added, “It smells like clean laundry for sure.”

Meta did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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