Magic Of Christmas We Create Today

Can remember Christmas in childhood. My mom got these incandescent Christmas lights that would just randomly blink. loved how those clear Magic glass lights would blink in a way that could never predict.

They mesmerized me. also loved the way the lights cast multicolored shadows onto the walls around the tree. was captivated by the spectacle of this wonderful tree, surrounded by presents, smelling of pine.

That was a family Magic.

It didn’t last when grew up. spent many years alone. just didn’t see the point in having a tree in the apartments and rooms that rented. It wasn’t until got married that got in the habit of putting up a tree again. What had changed was my level of commitment to life.

As look at my life now, see that am here because made commitments to other people. None of what do or what have would be possible without commitments to other people. started by committing to myself, to know myself. When knew myself enough, committed to a life with the woman am married to now.

Then committed to having kids.

Committed a part of my life to an employer, too. What got in return for those commitments was a stable, relatively happy life.

The happiness and the joy that can experience and share during this holiday are a direct consequence of the commitments I’ve made to other people. made choices that brought me here. could easily have drifted off into lonely obscurity, but that would not have made me happy. had to choose to go the other way.

In order to make those choices, needed the skills and capacities to make those choices. started at a disadvantage. was born blind in one eye and deaf in one ear. compensate for my deficits with interpersonal skills that spent decades cultivating to the point where could make better and lasting commitments to other people.

Could have continued to Magic:

That was gypped out of a good life, but that wasn’t going to make me happy, either. carefully considered my options and the results came in. If wanted to limit my suffering, had to make better choices. If wanted to make better choices, had to develop better skills.

All along the way, had friends and family who were willing to help me. But every offer of help required a commitment to exercise the options presented by the help offered.

Help is not a passive Magic.

When people offer help to someone, the recipient must choose to accept that help and to exercise the new options provided to that person. have seen for myself that there are some people who are beyond help. No human power can help them.

There must be a greater power that can help. could have been one of them, too. But made different choices. became willing to accept help from others.

Help others when can.

Every offer of help is a commitment to others. donate to a few charities that resonate with my philosophy. donate to a food bank to ensure that people who need food can get the food they need. donate to a non-profit organization called, Lives In The Balance. They dedicate to helping parents raise their kids with civility, honesty, and compassion. don’t make big donations. make small monthly donations that they can count on. That’s my commitment to them.

To my family, commit to living in peace. On a daily basis, err on the side of peace with my wife and my kids. Learning is difficult enough without drama. So make a point not to create drama around the house. I’m the rock for my family to grow on. My wife never has to tell me to get up and go to work. My kids never have to worry about clothing, food, rent, paying the bills, or where will sleep tonight. These are commitments that have made to my family.

When honor my commitments:

Bring peace and stability to my life. also bring peace and stability to the lives of the people around me. The universe reflects everything that am thinking and feeling right now. When times were tough, made a point of acknowledging that had enough of what need for the day. noticed the small gifts that already had, that didn’t have to wait until Christmas Day to receive. The more acknowledged the gifts in my life, the more gifts came to me. It’s an uncanny valley.