In France, it advisable not give Moderna to under the age of thirty

The country’s national health authority (HAS) says there is a study that raises the risk of myocarditis due to the modern vaccine, although it is very rare.

In the case of people under the age of 30, the risk is one-fifth that of a Pfizer vaccine compared to a modern one, according to HAS.

Earlier, Canada, Finland and Sweden had also warned against using moderna immunizations.

The European Union’s drug regulator EMA last month approved a booster dose of the modern vaccine. Those over the age of 18 who were given a second dose of the modern vaccine at least six months ago are allowed that third dose.

The European regulator said earlier this year that research had shown an increase in the risk of heartburn in both the Modern and Pfizer vaccines, although this was rare. The US Drug Enforcement Administration and the World Health Organization have made similar statements.