Human chain program in front of the Canadian Parliament


The human chain program was celebrated on Monday in Ottawa, Canada. The human chain was held in protest of attacks, looting and terrorism against the people of traditional religions of Bangladesh.

A large number of expatriate men and women held a human chain program in front of the Ottawa Parliament in the capital under the banner ‘Bangladeshi Hindu Community of Montreal Canada’. Mass music with various slogans was uttered in numerous protesting voices.

Hundreds of people participated in this human chain in spite of hundreds of busy days in exile as well as working days.

A number of people from Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto have spoken on the human chain. It is to be noted that in almost every city in Canada, multiple protest rallies were held in the expatriate areas, but the largest protest rally was held in Montreal on 24 October. Where the significant presence of hundreds of expatriates as well as the new generation and the voices of protest have never been seen before.

Following this, a memorandum was issued to the Government of Canada and the Government of Bangladesh to the Bangladeshi High Commission, including the Parliament of Canada, demanding protection of the Hindus of Bangladesh.

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About the Author: James Lewter

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