How To Use Inflatable Advertising Products In A Few Simple Steps

How To Use Inflatable Advertising Products In A Few Simple Steps

Let us see how to use inflatable advertising products and how to set them up, maintain, pack up and unpack, as well as how to store them at some appropriate space in your home that would be perfect for this purpose among others. With care and attention, you will get many years of good service from this product. But, step by step!

Undoing and controlling of an inflatable advertising product

The first job is to unpack your inflatable, take care to understand how the manufacturer packed it – this will come in handy when it’s time to pack it up again!

Most of these products are rolled in a tube or folded several times into a carton at manufacturing, as you unpack it, make sure to inspect it for any damage or defects, these can occur in transit or even at the point of manufacture, be sure to check all accessories at the same time.

Set up and inflate your inflatable product

After inspecting your product for any damage, the next step is to inflate it!

Lay your inflatable out on smooth ground, making sure there is nothing sharp that could damage it as you inflate it.

Inflating it is quite easy, but you will need an electric air pump, these have been specifically designed for these types of inflatable products and are extremely easy to use.

Once you’ve found the valve on the inflatable, just remove the cap, attach the pump to the valve and switch it on. Hey Presto, an inflated inflatable!

I would recommend using a number of pumps (perhaps as many as four) for the larger products of that ilk – they do need a lot of air to inflate correctly.

Once your inflatable is at the desired pressure, you should anchor it to the ground, sandbags are ideal because they are heavy and quite soft, but anything heavy will work, just be careful to avoid any damage to the structure of the inflatable.


Of course, this type of product lends itself to decoration. The inflatable promotional product is there to catch the eye. Try to make it stand out further with your own designs or colours.


Whilst very easy to maintain, I recommend washing it in cold water and drying it thoroughly before packing it away. This is a very good opportunity to inspect it for damage whilst you’re drying it.

Pack it up

If you’ve remembered how it originally came (good for you!). You should copy just what the manufacturer did to pack it.

Failing that, try rolling it or folding it up, it may take a few attempts to get it perfect. But it is worth it in the end. This will also help to maintain the structure whilst it is store.


Lastly, storing your inflatable advertising product somewhere appropriate is just as important!

Wherever you choose, it should be dry and safe; a garage, shed or anywhere within your home should be perfect. This will help to keep it in the best condition for the next time you wish to use it.

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