How to see the History of Searches and Activities on Instagram

How to see the history of searches and activities on Instagram

Keeping an eye on Instagram history can be helpful when you suspect someone is using their account, or even to clean up notifications, logins and all activity. If you are looking for how to view your activity history on Instagram, to clear searches, stories, messages and likes, read on and you will find out all the details. How can I see my activity on Instagram? Simple by accessing your account settings. If you are using your Instagram app for Android or iOS or have access to your account via the website, from desktop, follow these steps:

Often many people ask themselves: how to get on my boyfriend’s Instagram? There can be several causes that lead to this question and we will see them together in the next point, but whatever the reason it is important to know these methods, to learn how to defend ourselves against them. Here is what we will do in this article: we will find out how to enter an Instagram profile in order to protect our privacy and understand how to avoid someone sticking their nose where they should not. Assuming that Italian law (but in general all over the world) is very complex and this article does not want to replace a lawyer, let us try to shed some light on this topic.

For those who fear being spied on their social networks, there is good news: violating a person’s privacy is always illegal and for this, it is necessary to evaluate whether there are no better alternatives. When is it allowed to use Instagram activity tracker? When the target user has approved our control action: absurd as it may seem, in fact, there are situations in which a certain level of “interference” can be agreed, such as a parent who promises certain freedoms to his child if he allows him to spy on Instagram chats to protect your safety.

Obviously, as we said earlier, it is advisable to contact a lawyer before spying on anyone, as an app is a tool that can be used for both good and bad purposes. We have mentioned more than once the possibility of spying on Instagram (and other social networks) through an application. Usually we talk about programs that are installed on the target device (often in a few minutes) and that therefore allow continuous remote control over time.

Sometimes we are prevented from looking at a private profile or we do not want to see the stories of a user because he would be notified of our presence among those who have viewed the story. That’s why, in the latter case, some people use tools like Snoopreport, which were naturally born with a different purpose but whose functions are foldable  to their purposes. Of course, this type of check is more a way to watch a story without being detected, if you want to do a more in-depth check you need to use a dedicated app. This method involves installing a key logger on the victim’s phone that is a spyware that spies on the data entered by the user when accessing the social network so that they can be used in turn and read their messages. This is usually done via phishing.

Beware of Phishing

One of the most common methods of installing malicious software on a computer or mobile device is phishing: sending an email or message from what appears to be a serious company (such as a bank) prompts a person to click on a link that leads to the installation of a virus.

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