How to like Instagram Stories and How to See Who Liked Yours

How to like Instagram Stories and How to See Who Liked Yours

Previously, you could only respond to a story by sending the creator a direct message or an emoji reaction – and both of those responses would clutter up the creator’s messages inbox. Not now.  With the addition of likes, Instagram is not only giving users more ways to interact with stories, but more importantly you might be looking to dig into can you see what someone likes on Instagram. That is because instead of sifting through their inbox to see which viewers “liked” a story, creators can simply go to a story’s viewer sheet to see the data. Here is what else you need to know about likes on stories – including how they work.  Social media platforms are synonymous with like, and Instagram is no exception. In fact, since it was first launched, the Like feature has been included by default in the Instagram application. Like on Instagram refers to a form of appreciation for posts that can be seen on the social media platform.

If you like a post, the owner of the post or in other words the owner of the Instagram account will receive a notification. The number of likes on Instagram posts has now become a measure of account popularity. So do not be surprised if then many users who want Instagram posts get abundant number of likes. Every Instagram user is surely familiar with the term like and how to use it. Just by double tapping my friend gave a Like alias sign of likes to posts shared by an account. The Like feature cannot even be separated from Instagram users. It is impossible to surf Instagram without giving a Like. Sometimes our fingers reflexively press the Like icon or double-tap on Instagram posts we like.

Instagram presents a feature that allows users to view the history or history of Instagram posts that have been liked, not without purpose, of course.

This handy feature comes in handy if you regularly visit Instagram.

Through the feature of viewing Instagram posts we liked, you can find outposts of someone’s account from your past, for example your ex-lover. This method is quite effective for friends who are just curious without bothering to go to the Instagram account profile page of people from your past. You can take advantage of one of Instagram’s latest features, which is useful for viewing the history or history of Instagram posts you like. New. If you look back on Instagram posts that you liked, you have no potential for your data, because you are not using additional applications that require you to log in to your Instagram account.

Let’s start seeing what your boyfriend likes on Facebook​ If he ever pressed the thumbs up button for some girl pics, you better have a conversation knowing what he thinks while making it so. Like Facebook, Instagram stores a history of all your liked posts that users can access in the Instagram app. However, not many users are aware of this handy feature as it is tucked away somewhere in the settings. The ability to see your liked posts on Instagram comes in handy when you want to review the photos and videos you have liked. It is also a quick way to dislike certain posts you’ve liked in the past without having to retrieve a certain post and manually search for it.

While you cannot find all of your liked posts otherwise, it is easy to hate one of the 300 most recent photos, videos, or reels. To do this, On the Like screen, tap and hold a photo or video and gently drag your finger over the heart button to change it. You can also open a separate post in the feed view to dislike it. Unfortunately, that is not possible. While you can like posts using the Instagram app or website, there is no way to see posts you like on Instagram on a PC or desktop. That’s because the web version of Instagram only offers basic functionality.

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