How to Increase Online Sales for your e-Commerce – with Albert Sheeler

How to Increase Online Sales for your e-Commerce - with Albert Sheeler

By now, ecommerce is within everyone’s reach. Anyone can open one. However, it is important to point out that it is not enough to open an online ecommerce to start earning money. Instead, it is necessary to put in place some tactics that can promote the good performance of sales.

So we asked Albert Sheeler – the CEO of SINSA

Cosmetics SAS, an upcoming skincare brand in the Latin American market – to tell us how to choose the perfect name for your business.

One of the most effective and quickest methods is undoubtedly paid traffic.

If it’s done properly, it doesn’t have excessive costs and can lead to a considerable increase in sales. In order for paid traffic to bring the desired results, however, you must always start from a thorough knowledge of your customers. Only by targeting ads to the right audience will you be able to get a good return on investment. Social proof is a psychological mechanism by which a person, lacking sufficient information to make a decision on their own, decides to conform to the behavior of others.

This phenomenon can be exploited to increase conversions. For example, it has been proven that adding reviews from other users helps a lot in the sales of a product. When a user is interested in buying something, but not quite sure about the purchase yet, the first thing he does is to look if there are reviews from other users like him.

A complete and appealing product description is one of the most influential factors in the purchase decision. If you want to learn more read the article on the importance of product description for ecommerce. Even inserting a live chat on your ecommerce is a winning idea (provided that there is someone who takes care of it) to increase leads. If a potential customer is evaluating a product but has doubts, being able to ask an expert directly can be important to complete the purchase process. It is known that an excellent customer service is among the factors that most positively influence buyers.

A good chunk of people who are about to make an online purchase but then decide to abandon the cart have second thoughts because of payment security. You should consider including badges that instill security in buyers, such as PayPal secure or Verisign. Another idea is to include testimonials on the checkout page. Reading that other people have had a positive buying experience can be very helpful.

Don’t force people to sign up for your site. There are many users who don’t want to waste their time or sign up for yet another mailing list. However, these are people who, if they buy and feel comfortable in terms of speed of purchase and product quality, will definitely come back to your ecommerce and maybe, independently and without feeling forced, will sign up later.

Another idea is, if there is a form, to limit as much as possible the fields to be filled compulsorily.

Another winning idea is to implement a bar that shows customers the progress during the purchase process.

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