How to Choose the Right Wheelchair for You

How to Choose the Right Wheelchair for You

Choosing the right wheelchair isn’t as difficult as you imagine. Whether you’re disabled, elderly, or have a relative who needs one, this guide is going to help you find a wheelchair that ticks every box you have – no hassle, no complications.

Whenever you’re ready, let’s dive into the details.

Start with Affordability

In today’s world, choosing the right wheelchair often comes down to the price range. Nobody wants to splash a ton of money on an over expensive wheelchair that could have been purchased for half the price. Instead, people want to get their hands on a wheelchair that’s affordable yet still high quality.

It’s because of this reason that many people are turning to powerchairs. Powerchairs are modern wheelchairs that come with better functionality and movement, making them perfect for the elderly and disabled.

Enquire About Payment Plans

Some companies allow you to purchase wheelchairs on a payment plan basis. What this means is that you will pay in monthly or weekly instalments without having to do it all in one lump sum. For people on a budget, this can be a real lifesaver.

Compare Backrests

Wheelchair backrests usually influence how comfortable they are. In most cases, backrests are non-adjustable. However, sometimes they are – it’s all dependent on the brand and model you buy.

If you’re someone who wants flexibility, you should buy a wheelchair that comes with an adjustable backrest. This way, you will be able to alter it depending on your personal preferences on specific days. For example, whilst sitting during a long journey, you might want the backrest to be a little higher than it usually is.

Note: Adjustable backrest wheelchairs are usually slightly more expensive than standard versions.

Check the User Weight Limit

Each wheelchair has what’s called a ‘user weight’ limit. Providing you are below this weight, then the wheelchair is suitable. For example, one wheelchair might have an 80KG limit. If your weight is above 80KG, you would have to find a different model to buy – simple.


Armrests are also very important. Whilst sitting in your wheelchair, you’ll need somewhere to rest your arms. If the armrests are stiff, they won’t be comfortable for you. Therefore, you must look for well-padded wheelchairs – otherwise, you run the risk of being uncomfortable all of the time.

Read Reviews

In the big world of the internet, there are thousands of wheelchair reviews for you to access and read. When you find a brand you like, make sure to read the latest reviews. Also, don’t just pay attention to the star ratings – it’s also important to check the details within each review. This can help shed light on a variety of factors, from maintenance to customer service.

If reviews are overwhelmingly positive, then it’s a good sign. On the other hand, if reviews are consistently bad, then it’s usually a sign to look somewhere else for a wheelchair.

Whatever you do, don’t buy a wheelchair before checking the reviews first.

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