Guidelines for Packing for Shipping

Guidelines for Packing for Shipping

When you ship your cargo with a courier company, it is always important to make sure that your packages are properly prepared before they are picked up by a courier driver. In fact, this is so important that you will find. Guidelines That your Houston messenger delivery service probably has an actual set of written packaging guidelines which you are expected to follow whenever you ship something with their organization. Following these guidelines is important both to protect your package, and any potential insurance claims which you might need to file at a later date.

When you ship with a new courier company:

You should always ask to see their specific guidelines so that you can be sure to follow them. There are, however, some general guidelines which you should follow that will be a part of the posted lists of most companies. The first of these is going to almost always be making sure that breakable items are packed in a secure and safe manner. This means that they shouldn’t be allowed to move at all in their packaging, as all empty space should be filled with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or a similar insulating product.

The next thing that the courier will want to address is the packaging itself. Couriers always want to make sure that cargo is packaged in boxes which are strong enough to support their weight. Otherwise, there is a chance that heavy cargo could tear free and land on the ground, especially if the box becomes wet. Therefore, you should always make sure you’re using a heavy enough box, or use a double boxing system if you are worried. Also, the tape you use is important. Always use proper packing tape. Other tape can easily peel off or come loose, especially if it gets damp.

Guidelines Labeling:

Procedures are often also included in the packing guidelines. The primary concern here is always making sure that all the labeling information is clearly visible to everyone at all times. This means that there should be no conflicting labeling information anywhere on the package. Do not re-use boxes with old shipping information on them.

Finally, there will usually be a mention of anything which can leak or spill. Some courier companies won’t even transport those types of goods, but those that will cover them will likely require that they be carefully sealed in plastic so that if they leak they cannot damage other goods which the courier is carrying.

When you’re Guidelines to run a busy company:

Sometimes worrying about the best way to contact your courier company might seem like a trivial thing. However, if you know what the best way is to contact your Los Angeles courier, you are actually helping yourself. Always contacting them in the best possible way can reduce the amount of time that it takes you to order service with them, can improve the level of service that you receive, and can reduce the number of mistakes which may be otherwise made by the courier.

The most obvious option:

When it comes to contacting your courier is to simply call them by telephone, but this isn’t always the best way to do it. It is however, the absolute best choice in certain situations. For instance, if you need your courier company to take action on something immediately, calling them is always a good idea.

Although email is the best way to contact a courier in many different situations, this is not one of them. This is primarily because you have no way of knowing how long an email will sit in an inbox before it is finally opened.

Email is a great way Guidelines:

To contact a courier when you are just ordering basic services though. In fact, in many situations, it is the best way. You can compose an email quickly and easily while completing any number of other tasks.

Also, when creating a request for a complex order, in an email you can have it all in writing and make sure that all the information is correct; a luxury which you don’t have over the telephone. It is all too possible for someone to hear something wrong and miss a piece of crucial information when taking your order over the phone.

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