Four Simple Tips To Extend Your iPad Battery Life Further

The battery life of Apple iPad is nearly 10 hours which is quite amazing. It is one of the special features that makes iPad stand apart from other similar devices. However, there are people who spend hours and hours day on their iPads. For such people, the 10 hour battery life will also feel less.

Imagine you are downloading something or watching a video on YouTube and the low battery popup springs up to spoil your mood. Luckily for you, there are a few simple things you can do which may help tremendously in increasing the battery life. Below are mentioned 4 important tips:

Turning off GPS –

The iPad 3G model has the GPS feature. However, people don’t use this feature so much on their iPads as they use it on their phones. So, a quick and easy way to save some battery life is to turn it off. When you are at your home and watching some videos or interacting on Facebook, you don’t require this feature which might be eating up your battery power little by little. If, at any time, you do need GPS feature, you can easily turn it back on.

Turn off Push Notifications –

Push notification is a feature which allows various apps to notify you of new messages or events as they occur without having to open the application. This is an excellent feature but it will drain off the battery life faster as the device has to keep on checking periodically if there is any new message to be pushed to the screen. You can turn off this feature completely or turn it on only for specific apps.

Turn Off Bluetooth –

We rarely use Bluetooth feature. It is only useful when we want to transfer something to and from our iPad to another device nearby. Once the task is done, we can turn off Bluetooth again otherwise it will drain our battery unnecessarily. A good rule of the thumb is to keep the Bluetooth off most of the time and turn it on only when you need it, then turn it off again once your task is done.

Adjust Brightness –

The iPad has an amazing auto-brightness feature. What this does is automatically adjust your iPad screen’s brightness according to the surrounding light quality in the room. However, this is not sufficient. If you want to extend your battery life and add more hours to it, then you need to go into the settings and manually adjust the brightness. You should try to keep the brightness at a point where it is comfortable enough to read but which is not as bright as the default setting.