Five Seafood Dishes Best Served at Waterfront Restaurants

Five Seafood Dishes Best Served at Waterfront Restaurants

Unlike other fine dining establishments, most waterfront restaurants source their ingredients from local fishermen and employ chefs with specific training in preparing seafood dishes. They set the standard for fine, fresh seafood dining, and that’s why these five dishes are best enjoyed when ordered seaside, and prepared by a special chef.

Lobster Bisque Waterfront Restaurants

It takes a true master to properly create this velvety delicacy, as the lobster must undergo stages of preparation (steamed, sauteed, then boiled). When not done properly, the lobster may become overcooked, and the delicate flavor can be easily masked by the heavy flavors of the dairy components. While many fine dining establishments feature this delicious soup, waterfront restaurants are more likely to source the freshest lobster, and have the right training to execute this dish masterfully.

Crab Cakes

A recipe which originally appeared on an Old Bay Seasoning can, crab cakes have come a long way throughout culinary history. Many seafood restaurants have reduced them to fluff-filled, flavor-derived, deep-fried fishcakes. However, a true seafood chef will serve an authentic crab cake, with the shining star being the fresh crab meat, enhanced with seasoning and fresh herbs, then lightly sauteed, and served beside a lemon wedge.

Diver Scallops Waterfront Restaurants

Scallops come in many varieties, the finest and most expensive being the “diver” scallop, which is harvested by a licensed scuba diver. Harvesting “diver” scallops is incredibly labor-intensive, but as a result, they are regarded as the freshest scallop with the most authentic flavor. It is also the most ecological way to harvest scallops, as they are handpicked rather than gathered by dredging the ocean floor with a net. Fine waterfront restaurants are likely the only places you will spot these special scallops, and you can assure they will be prepared by a chef who works closely with local vendors.

Ceviche Waterfront Restaurants

A traditional South American specialty, Ceviche is a dish prepared with a technique similar to curing, where the fish is “cooked” using citrus juice. The key to mastering this dish is sourcing ultra fresh fish or shrimp, then masterfully applying the special technique. The fish is soaked and “cooked” by the citrus juice, and enhanced with flavors of fresh herbs, seasonings, and diced vegetables. You won’t see this rare delicacy on just any seafood menu, but many waterfront restaurants serve this specialty chilled, as an appetizer.

Grilled Halibut, Flounder, or Sea Bass

Some fish types are easier to grill than others. Thicker, more oily types like Salmon, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Swordfish are considered easier to grill because their texture doesn’t tend to stick or fall apart on the grill. The mark of a true seafood chef is a grilled type of delicate fish, like Halibut, Flounder, or Sea Bass. Properly grilling delicate fish results in a delicious meal, but requires an expert technique. Waterfront restaurants are your best bet for finding the best grilled fish.

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