Five Resources to Look Up a Name Behind an Unknown Phone Number

Five Resources to Look Up a Name Behind an Unknown Phone Number

Facebook is a goldmine for finding information about a person. The handy search function does all the work for you. Since you can sign up for Facebook using a username with a phone number and also set your phone number as a login, most people put their phone number in their profile so friends can find them. The best thing about Facebook is that you don’t need to be a friend with the person in order to look up their phone number. To use this method, head on over to Facebook and put the number of the person that called you into the search box. Try different variations, such as no brackets and no area code, to see if you get different results.

Resource 2: Google Custom Search Unknown Phone Number

Google is the leader for finding out information about anything, and the same goes for information on phone numbers from an unknown caller. By using Google alone you may receive some hit or miss information about the number, but what many people don’t know is that when you put your search term in parentheses, you are essentially searching for only the exact phrase in the parenthesis. This is incredibly useful because it ignores the extra information that may come along with a Google search and instead focuses on the phone number digits themselves, in the exact order you type them in. No longer do you need to comb through multiple results, putting your search in quotes will do all the work for you.

Resource 3: Online Phone Directories

Using a phone directory published by the phone company is fine, but using a phone directory published by crowdsourcing is even better. Many of these websites provide valuable information about a caller because that person has also received a call from the same number you did. On these websites, most of the people are in the same position that you are: unsure of who called, and willing to look for more information.

Because of this, don’t expect to find out a name behind a phone number using this method alone, but use these directory resources to gather a better understanding about the caller. Is the caller a business? Maybe another person stated that the caller was trying to sell them something. Is the caller dangerous? Other callers will let you know because they are also trying to find out information about the caller too. Return the favor once you are done, make sure you leave a note with as much information as you can offer too, so others can benefit.

Resource 4: Carrier Directories Unknown Phone Number

Many phone companies are tired of dealing with people calling and requesting information about unknown callers, so they publish free online phone books detailing basic information about a phone number and the caller behind it. These directories can sometime be difficult to find, but if you search long enough on the carrier website, usually under the “report abuse” sections, you should be able to find the page you are looking for.

Resource 5: Voicemail

Voicemail is invaluable, in many cases, people will leave a short message detailing who they are and to leave a message. The name is all you need, and they usually tell it to you anyway, but how can you find that out without having to call the unknown caller back, causing embarrassment and sometimes putting yourself in danger? The answer is to use a service like SpyFu, which calls the phone for you and records the voicemail greeting, discreetly.

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