Five Reasons to Never Get a Cell Phone Contract Again

No contract prepaid cell phones are on the rise and there are reasons why. Our lives are becoming more mobile and we are craving more and more flexibility. No contract prepaid cell phones come without any strings attached and no lock-in contracts. With more models and options becoming available every , let us take a look at the 5 best reasons to never get a cell phone contract again:

1) Save Money

With no contract prepaid cellular phones, you only pay for what you use. With contracted phones, any excess minutes and data that you have not used goes to waste, with most current contract plans. You are also able to monitor your usage and spending with much more ease. If you want to budget for only 200 minutes, then you only buy 200 minutes and you can’t go over your limit racking up a bill.

2) No Termination Fees

There is nothing worse than when you want to get out of a contract, but can’t due to the ridiculous termination fees that cell phone companies impose. Nowadays people want the freedom to change providers and their phone models whenever they want. By not being locked into a contract, there is no penalty imposed if you want to upgrade your phone or change providers.

3) No Monthly Bill Shocks

Every one of us at some point has opened up our cell phone bill only to look in horror at our usage charges. With no contract, prepaid cell phones, these bill shocks can’t happen. You only spend what you use and if you run out of minutes then you have to recharge, meaning that you are always keeping an eye on what you’re spending.

4) No Age Limit

Prepaid cellular phones don’t require a credit check meaning that anyone of any age can obtain them. This is great for parents who want a phone for their kids, or teenagers who are looking to buy their first phone. They also have the added benefit of not allowing your kids to rack up a massive bill.

5) Easy To Travel

Contracted phones can have you paying all kinds of international roaming charges by locking the phone to the provider. By owning a prepaid phone, you are able to use your phone in almost any country you visit. This is great for those with an adventurous spirit as you only need one phone and you can take that phone anywhere.

So don’t get locked down in a cellular phone contract. Enjoy the savings and freedom of owning a no contract, prepaid cell phone.

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