Five Problems Faced By People Who Own Phones Without Secondary Cameras

India has more phones than people, a fact which has become motivation enough for smartphone companies to come up with phones that cost less. Phones made by the likes of Gionee, and low-end phones like Moto E and Nokia 520, provide high-end Android and Windows software along with impeccable GUI. But where there’s cost cutting, a cut down on features and hardware follows. While a technology aficionado would rather talk about RAM and processor speeds, PentaGist brings to you the consequences of the one common feature that most of these phones lack, a FRONT CAMERA!

Face unlock

Have too much data on your phone you don’t want your friends to see? Messages you don’t want your mom to see? Gossip you don’t want your roommate to read? Or simply wish to protect your phone from “friend hijacking”? If I were in your place, I would download App Lock, or Smart Lock or any of the hundreds of locks on the app store. But this holds no novelty value, when compared to the fingerprint scanner in iPhone 5S and the face recognition lock in Samsung phones. So Crisis #1 – No front cam? No using your face to unlock your phone.

Video Podcasts

Gone are the days when people would set up a video camera or a web cam, with a bulky microphone and a headset, to upload a sports podcast. Today, it is as simple as holding your phone up and talking to your device… and Voila! The video is all set for editing. Pity you if you want to become a YouTube or iTunes sensation and you don’t have enough money to afford the equipment AND you don’t have a phone with a front cam. It is time to start saving up money for a better smartphone!

Mirror! Mirror!

Within that four-second elevator ride to your classroom on the third floor, your smartphone front camera gives you enough time to check your face out and make sure your make-up and hairstyle are all perfect. And just when we think the camera was enough, app developers introduced apps with filters so that you can admire yourself even more during those spaces in time. For those of us without a front camera, all we have is the one notification on the app store that says “This app is not available for your device”, along with desperate attempts to find a mirror.

“I can’t Skype right now”

Normally, people with smartphones cannot video chat for reasons like low battery or low internet speeds. For people with smartphones, but without front facing cameras, another addition to the list, the most important one, is, well, “I don’t have a front cam!” You end up waiting for hours till you can get back home and switch on your laptop to be able to talk to your friend (or someone more special!) who lives a 1000 miles away.

1.”I bought a new phone, but first let me click a selfie! Oh, wait a second..”

Call it a disorder, call it a mental illness, call it an addiction, call it just anything! Clicking selfies is the trend. If “selfie” can be the word of the year, we sure as hell know how much time people invest into clicking pictures of themselves and fanatically uploading them on Snapchat and Instagram. And what’s more… if a person without a front camera gets addicted to clicking selfies, he/she would probably end up clicking at least half a dozen photographs from the primary camera before finally getting a picture which is symmetrically sound, not blurred, and with the right lighting.