Five Cool iPhone 5 Accessories For Kids

Kids these days are growing up with the latest technology. And to them, it’s second nature to reach for a phone or tablet. But some accessories are more child-friendly than others. Here, we’ve rounded up some awesome gadgets for the young as well as the young at heart with a list of 5 cool iPhone 5 accessories for kids big and small.

Griffin Kazoo Myphone Frog Headphones

When kids listen to music, their young ears need to be protected. So Griffin’s Kazoo Myphone over-ear headphones are designed with volume-limiting circuitry and cushioned ear cups for comfort. Plus, they come in a variety of fun colors with animal faces, like frogs an penguins, on the earcups. Too cute!

Griffin Crayola Earbuds

Another child-safe headphone set from Griffin, the Crayola earbuds are shaped like crayon tips and come in a cool crayon shaped carrying case. They also have volume limitation for protection and come in almost as many colors as Crayola Crayons do.
And since they’re an earbud style, you can totally get away with wearing them as a grown-up if you’re into fun and color.

Griffin Moto TC Monster Truck

A toy that should be as big of a hit with parents as with kids, Griffin’s Moto TC Monster Truck is one cool iPhone 5 accessory. Using your phone as a remote control, you can steer the truck through a path of mayhem and even pre-program and save your favorite routes and courses. It’s way cool, and way fun.

PureGear Amazing Gamer Case

A protective iPhone 5 carrying case and puzzle toy all in one, PureGear’s Amazing Gamer Case features a cool ball maze on its backing. Part of a whole series of retro-game inspired cases, this cool iPhone 5 accessory comes in a bright color combo of red and aqua and provides sturdy protection. It’s a great way to let your kids play with your phone without messing around with apps and functions. And adults will probably find the ball maze challenge irresistible too!

Griffin Kazoo Cases

If it’s good enough for the President’s kids, it’s good enough for yours. We saw Sasha Obama with her turtle-shaped Griffin Kazoo case at the Presidential inauguration. And now, we’ve discovered that Griffin makes a whole menagerie of animal-shaped Kazoo cases for iPhone 5, from monkeys to elephants and more. Never mind that this line of super cool iPhone 5 accessories boasts Griffin’s quality construction. And we don’t doubt a few lighthearted adults will go in for the super fun and colorful animal designs.

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