Fire in ICU of Indian hospital, 4 newborns dies


Four babies have died in a fire at a government hospital in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.

A fire broke out at the Neonatal Special Intensive Care Unit (SNCU) of Kamala Nehru Children’s Hospital on Monday night. News from NDTV and Indian Express.

The idea is that this fire started from the shot circuit. At that time, at least 40 children were being treated in the children’s ward of the hospital.

State Health Education Minister Biswas Sarang visited the spot after receiving the news of the fire. He said the fire from the shot circuit. Upon receiving the news, the fire brigade was sent immediately. The first fire broke out in a ward on the fourth floor of the hospital. It spread. Admitted children are immediately removed elsewhere.
Upon receiving the news of the fire, 25 fire engines went to the spot. The fire was brought under control after several hours. But before that, four children died.

Expressing deep sympathy to the families of the slain children, Chief Minister Shipraj Singh Chouhan said the incident was very tragic.

The Chief Minister wrote on Twitter, “We have not been able to save 3 children who were already seriously ill, which is really unfortunate.”

Shortly after the Chief Minister’s tweet, the number of dead children increased further.

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