Fargo ID Printers That Can Do it All

Fargo ID Printers That Can Do it All

ID badges can play many roles when it comes to the workplace for healthcare, Fargo education and private industry. The use of ID card printers varies per occupation, and the functions necessary will vary as well. While some companies need magnetic stripe encoding, others need an Ethernet connection to support a network to other systems throughout the building.

In order to understand all the new functions of the latest printers, a good example is the Fargo printer. In comparison with other ID card printers, the Fargo printer (DTC550) offers the latest in innovation for any type of business or occupation.

Features of Fargo ID printers

Printing speed-the printing speed is very important when it comes to ID printers. This can provide efficiency when composing new cards for employees. For example, the Fargo printer has varying speeds for different photo prints:

Black and white prints (monochrome)-7 seconds. This is for a single-sided card.
Full color prints-27 seconds. This is for a single-sided card.

Duplex full color prints-36 Fargo.

This is for both sides of a card (The printer prints both sides simultaneously. USB and Ethernet-many businesses and institutions that have the need for photo identification will often utilize functions throughout the building as well as from the internet. The Fargo printer actually comes with an optional security download that can aid in utilizing the features offered by the printer. The software drivers of the printer are Windows XP and Vista.

Affordability-One of the main ingredients that justifies purchasing Fargo ID printers is keeping the price per card within a low budget.

Fargo price for a single-sided:

Monochrome card can be as little as $0.09, the price for a single-sided color card can be as low as $0.41 and the price for a duplex color card can be as low as $0.46. In comparison, these are very affordable prices.

Weight-If there is a reason to move the system, the weight is becomes very important. Finding a compact Fargo printer will ensure ease in mobility. The weight is only twenty pounds, so carrying it or moving the Fargo printer anywhere that is needed is a breeze.

Some features:

To look for with a Fargo printer are accessories that can purchase to use in conjunction with the printer. This can include a camera, printer cartridges, instructional software. Data capture devices to further enhance security measures. The main function of ID card printers is to identify. Employees and ensure the safety of patients, students. Other employees, data or financial assets.

It is important to invest in an item that fully allows for a complete integration. All items that can utilize the system to its full capacity. Settling on an initial budget may be costly in. The future when it is time to upgrade the system.

There are many printers to choose, but making the right choice the first time. With Fargo ID printers can save a lot of time and money in the future.

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