Facts about Israel

Facts about Israel

Israel is a country that has been home to so much fascinating history, and the latest discovery made here just might be one of its most intriguing yet. For years now they’ve had an extremely high rate per capita in donations for kidney patients who need transplants – 1,005 over an 11+ year span! The oldest tree on record located within Israeli borders can also be bragging about being around somewhere between 1500-2k calendar years old: yours truly is this wonderful jujube plant found along route 8 en route towards Eilat…though some scientists believe he could date back farther than 5th century BC when dates were first grown at Masada & Qumran,

There is a special department of the Israel Postal service that deals with all letters sent to God. They are opened and placed into cracks on top of Jerusalem’s Western Wall, which has happened many times before in history when people believed their messages would be more answered if delivered straight-from sender rather than via third parties like mail delivery agencies or couriers; about 1 million notes per year find themselves stuffed inside these reaches! A ladder dating back centuries ago portrays six churches’ disagreement over whether it should remain there indefinitely—no one can decide who owns this priceless piece because both sides want what they think belongs solely theirs.

Israel is a country that has made history by reviving one of Earth’s ancient languages and making it their national tongue. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Israel was 54 degrees Celsius (129 Fahrenheit), which happened during World War II on the Kibbutz Tirat Zvi near Jordan Valley; this record hasn’t been broken yet due to how recent its occurrence was in time periods past–and even though Jerusalem does sometimes get snowstorms, they’re not too common or long-lasting compared with those seen over Tel Aviv where only 12-18 cm had fallen by 1950 when locals were thrilled after seeing what looked like virtual floods coming down from skyboxes filled with ice crystals!

Israel is a global leader when it comes to vaccine administration and coverage. The country leads by leaps, bounds more than any other nation on Earth with an impressive 1 in 4 people vaccinated (25%) versus 2nd place China at 19%. While many countries around the world have seen boosts from Good Deeds Day initiatives like sending medical clowns into Covid-19 wards or providing free treatments at public hospitals; none can match what’s happening right here – In Israel there are 3 million residents who took part last year alone making nearly 9 out 10 citizens eligible for protection against this potentially deadly disease!

Israel is a land of contrasts. It has 137 beaches, some that border the Red Sea and others in foreign countries like Egypt or Jordan where they are colored with orange sandstone cliffs bordered by sparkling blue waters perfect for swimming all day long! A country can’t have too many beauty spots when you’re surrounded on three sides by nature – but there’s more than just gorgeous scenery here:) This ancient civilization keeps its citizens busy working hard each day while also enjoying life at night thanks to exciting events such as economic conferences & meetings between politicians from around world who come together once every few months for seasonally-driven holidays celebrating Judaism tradition.

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