Emma Stone “Definitely Won’t” Joke About Taylor Swift Again

Sophia Wesley
Sophia Wesley
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Hell hath no fury like a Swiftie scorned. And no person, not even a member of Taylor Swift’s celebrity-filled posse of friends, will be spared any transgressions. Emma Stone found this out the hard way after lightly poking fun at her pop star best friend backstage at the 2024 Golden Globe Awards on January 7.

To refresh your memory, Stone won the Golden Globe award for Best actress in a Musical or Comedy for her starring role in Poor Things, and throughout the night, Swift was seen enthusiastically cheering on her actress friend, which prompted a few comments from Stone that didn’t sit well with the singer’s fanbase.

“What an asshole,” Stone joked with reporters backstage about her friend’s support. “I’ve known her for almost 20 years. I was very happy she was there and she was also nominated tonight, which was wonderful. And yes, what an asshole.”

Emma Stone jokes about getting Taylor Swift’s support at the #GoldenGlobes pic.twitter.com/GjlnCkXKDR

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) January 8, 2024

Now, in a February 21 Variety interview — in which the Poor Things star sat down to talk with with the movie’s director, Yargos Lanthimos — Stone explained that Swift jokes, at least on such a public stage, are strictly off limits.

“I definitely won’t make a joke like that again… because I saw headlines that really pulled it out of context.” The star pointed at herself and added, “What a dope.”

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Swift did not comment on Stone’s choice of words, but there is a chance she took them in stride — the women have been friends since they were both teenagers, and have developed a close bond as a result. “I was lucky ’cause we’ve been friends for a really long time,” the actress told Vanity Fair about attending The Eras Tour last year. “I’ve known her since we were 17 and 18, so she hooked me up, which was very nice ’cause I know those tickets are impossible to get … She’s a wonderful friend.”

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