Elliott Owen Lipinsky displays mastery of two different worlds, as an attorney and as an author.

Elliot Owen Lipinskyis a well-established attorney since 2013, located in Selma, serving West Alabama.  The Law offices of Elliott Owen Lipinskyis adept at handling both personal and criminal representation across the entire region. His firm is well known for its’ experience in corporate law and tax law. They have a proven success record backed by a host of satisfied clients. Their consultations include both express and free depending on the client needs. Elliott and his team cater to small and big clients both. They infuse their work with a spirit of innovation and competency that guarantee success and client loyalty.

Elliott Owen Lipinsky
Elliott Owen Lipinsky

Elliot Owen Lipinsky, made a deviation from the fact ridden world of law and courtrooms to venture into the world of fantasy by authoring a fun book for children- “Space Pup & the Fantastic Adventures of the Fearless, Handsome & Brilliant Commander Elrod Cannon & His Loving Happy Normal Human Family and Earth Cat Sprocket.”

This book was published in November 2020 and is available on Amazon Prime. It has a very interesting subject. This well illustrated children’s book describes how an astronaut finds a dog on the moon and brings him back home to his family on earth. Authored by Elliott Owen Lipinsky, the book has been illustrated by three people, him, his wife C.N or Caroline Lipinsky and Alina Miller.

This book transports the reader to the intriguing world of fantasy, which children love to be a part of. It is priced at $1.99 for the kindle edition.The book targets children and teenagers in the age group of 3 – 18 years.  The book is in the English language, and its’ print length is 55 pages. Elliott’s debut book has won him a lot of praise.

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