Eight Must Have Apps for College

College life may impose several challenges including classroom activities, tuitions, homework, and social engagements, which add to the overall chaos. And, if that’s not enough, you are hungry and looking for a nice food outlet nearby! So, how are you going to manage all this? Well, there are many students, who have been making the best use of technology and using their smartphones to handle their studies, traveling and expenses! Here are 8 must have mobile apps for college students, with majority of them being free, so that you can make your college life easier:


Often, you need to do research on a specific topic, which might yield some very useful search links. However, the time may not be suitable for reading them all at one go. Pocket comes handy in this situation as you can simply add these links to Pocket and read them at your convenience. This will prevent you from digging deep into your browser history to extract a link that you found long ago.

Not just this, you can even tag these links as per the semester, course, or in whatever way to organize your content.

Available on: Android, iphone


The app allows you to save your class schedule, add reminders, and set deadlines for your college assignments. This means that at the end of the year, you would have all information pertaining to already submitted assignments on your fingertips.

Available on: Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and Kindle


Here’s an app that allows you to chase your to-do lists- and is probably one of the most useful apps for college students. As a student, you need manage quite a lot including academics, internships, societies, and personal errands. But, with this app installed on your smartphone, nothing would ever slip your mind. You can make folders, add to-do tasks and remove those you have completed. The app comes with a daily reminder that allows you to plan your day and might even motivate you to perform these tasks.

Available on: Android, iOS


We all have faced data loss issues and know that hard disks can be unpredictable. Can you leave your important data at the mercy of hard disk, which can crash any minute? How about keeping a backup copy on the Cloud? There can be a term paper, which you might not want to lose or a copy of assignment that you have recently submitted. Or, you may want to finish an important assignment during a boring lecture and save it at a safe place. The Dropbox app comes to your rescue during such situation and helps you save your work at a location that can be accessed from anywhere! If you love Google, you can try Drive to accomplish similar tasks.

Available on: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Linux, Window


Here’s an extremely popular app to make notes during an important lecture. The app allows you to use images and add voice notes too. The app can come to the rescue of an all-nighter, who may find it difficult to stay awake during a lecture. Using Evernote, you can listen to the lecture later on. Or, this may happen that you are not willing to take any notes during a lecture so using Evernote can be a good idea.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry


College life brings with it a lot of expenses, which often mean individual ones. You need to spend on books, parties, travelling and a number of other things. Wondering how to manage your money? Well, Toshl Finance is an app that allows you to use tags to set a budget and stick to it too. It is possible to sync the app to the Cloud as well.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone


A dictionary is a must have resource for the students. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, now we have more portable alternatives as compared to the huge sized Cambridge dictionary. You don’t need to make Google searches to know the meaning of a word when you can use offline dictionary and thesaurus at the time of need.

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows Phone