DMN Founder Ahmed Sobhy Shares Insights on How to grow your Shopify store

Some people start an online business to build their dreams or make some extra money on the side. Digital marketing expert Ahmed Sobhy decided that one way to make money wasn’t enough. In order to reach the seven-figure income he has today, he diversified his assets and worked hard to find new avenues to make money.

With over 1,000,000 online stores now using Shopify, e-commerce is officially the very best and democratic way to getting your product on the marketplace


As of February 2020, around 20% of most retail sales in the united kingdom happen online. And with online sales revenue growing year on year, the data is there that online shopping is more ubiquitous than ever before.


That’s why it is important to find the right platform to advertise your product, and Shopify supplies the quickest and simplest way of competing with the big boys to make yourself a profit.


But with so many users, what’s the best way to get the product seen in the first place? As soon as you’ve started to accumulate steam, how do you continue to increase?


Listed below are 10 methods for getting noticed and keep your brand relevant.


  1. Sell a variety of different products


OK, so it is obvious you are not going to have the ability to sell everything. Amazon appears to have just about cornered the market on that, and finding a bookkeeper sufficient to keep on top of $280 billion worth of annual world wide web sales might be tricky.




There may be evidence to suggest, however, that learning a little about how precisely Amazon works might be beneficial. They use what’s known in the trade as the ‘long-tail strategy’, which is basically management speak for ‘give individuals what they want’.


This isn’t to state that if you specialise in selling print on demand reproductions of Impressionist paintings, for example, that you should turn your hand to electronics. It just means that you may want to consider researching what your competitors offer and modify your brand according to what your visitors want.




Branch out from reproductions of Impressionist paintings into poster art. Or if your niche is advertising picture catalogs for caffeine tables, think about branching out into standard reserve sales or introduce a no cost selection of cushions?


Know your market. If you are going to adhere to your market then make an effort to increase your selection of products within that niche. Diversify!


  1. Try print on demand (you will not look back again)


The key to any successful business is standing right out of the crowd, and the simplest way to make certain that you will get noticed quickly is to brand yourself.


What most people don’t realise about print on demand is that it’s actually a pretty cost-effective way to build up your brand aesthetic. You just choose something, upload your design and customise how it appears. When your customer has satisfied their order, you hand it over to the print on demand service and they handle the rest.


You do not hold any stock. Print on demand uses a dropshipping business design. So you don’t have to package with the throbbing headache of requests or quantities. You merely find your audience, let them make their order, so when it’s been satisfied you have a lower of the earnings without handling or producing any of the stock. Beautiful, right?


  1. Market your products using Facebook


You’ve browse the statistics before. Over 2 billion every month active users. Nearly 70% folks adults are now Facebook users. You’re on the cusp of an possibly limitless market, and you do not know where to start.


What you ought to be familiar with is that if you decide to share your merchandising content the original way, “organic reach” on Facebook is limited. That’s why it is critical to keep your posts short and nice, and post content from other interesting sources where you think there could be a quid expert quo to be able.


When you have a better idea of who your ideal demographic might be, then there are custom options which you can use to target your audience more precisely.


  1. Be old-fashioned (use e-mail marketing)


In conditions of e-commerce, e-mail marketing can sometimes appear a bit… 2004. However the reason it remains so effective is basically because it’s fundamentally the one assured constant about the web. Facebook, Twitter and (especially) Instagram are only useful if you are trying to target certain demographics. Google traffic is too heavily weighted on SEO and unless you hold the technical know-how, it can be daunting.


But email remains an ever-faithful and effective way for getting your concept across to a large number of folks at any moment. And a great way of building a databases is by capturing details through targeted opt-in varieties.


Of course, this content you distribute thereafter has to be pithy and colourful enough to grab the interest of whoever made a decision to give their email!


  1. Optimize your store for folks buying on-the-go


So, we realize that in america mobile devices take into account around 44% of all online sale traffic. And we also know that in 2018, around 80% of adults in america accessed the internet through their mobile phone.


The question is how to capitalise upon this. With an easy-to-use app like Shopify, the answer is, of course, that you make your store as easy to get at, colourful and user-friendly as is feasible. And Shopify has the right template tools at your disposal to get this to an easy move.