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With entertainment available at the touch of a button in the digital era, 123Movies is a well-known brand in the realm of internet movie streaming. 123Movies is a haven for movie buffs, with a vast selection of movies and TV series, but what makes it unique? This essay will examine and explain 123Movies, including its background, key attributes, and the reasons behind its widespread popularity among millions of users.

What is 123Movies?

123Movies has had several names. This includes 123Movieshub, MeMovies, GoStream, and GoMovies. It was a network of file streaming websites that allowed you to watch movies without paying. He operated from Vietnam.

A couple of years ago, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) called it the “most popular illegal site” in the world. A few weeks later, it was shut down by Vietnamese authorities following a criminal investigation.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about 123Movies since it was shut down. In reality the network is still active through clone websites.

When 123Movies was at its height of popularity, 98 million people visited the website per month from many different countries. To put things in perspective, 123Movies had more visits than The New York Times, CNN, and Etsy!

But are you breaking the law by using 123Movies?

It all depends on how you use the service. It’s actually not illegal to stream on 123Movies. However, if you share something yourself or download something, which many free streaming websites often require, you are breaking the law and could result in civil or criminal charges.

Of course, you should not take anything I say as a legal recommendation. After all, I’m not a lawyer! However, after doing a lot of research on the topic, it is clear that there are several factors that determine whether you are actually breaking the law on 123Movies.

Characteristics that Set 123Movies Apart

1. An abundance of options

The vast collection of 123Movies is among its most remarkable characteristics. There is something for everyone thanks to the thousands of films and TV series that are available in a variety of genres. 123Movies has every genre covered, including action, romance, and science fiction.

2. Interface That’s Easy to Use

It is easy to navigate 123Movies. Users will find it easy and quick to locate their favorite content thanks to the intuitive UI. You may save a ton of time by searching by actor, genre, or title.

3. High Definition Streaming

123Movies is dedicated to providing an excellent movie-watching experience. With the majority of the content available in high definition, viewers may take advantage of vivid images and engrossing audio.

4. No Need to Register

In contrast to a lot of streaming services that require registration, 123Movies provides content without requiring time-consuming sign-ups. You can easily start watching the movie or series that you want to watch.

5. Regular Updating

123Movies regularly adds the newest films to its repertoire in order to keep its users interested. This guarantees that you’re always up to date on the newest movies and television series.

6. Support in Many Languages

123Movies offers content in several languages to appeal to a worldwide audience. Its increasing popularity can be attributed to its inclusion.

The Debate Regarding 123Movies

Like many other similar platforms, 123Movies has not been without criticism. It is prohibited in several nations due to copyright infringement concerns. Nonetheless, it keeps going strong under many domain names, demonstrating its tenacity and appeal.

Why you need a VPN if you want to use 123Movies

A VPN is an essential requirement if you plan to use 123Movies. Despite the fact that 123Movies is very popular, legal challenges that have been documented in the past highlight how important it is to use a VPN when visiting one of 123Movie’s cloned websites.

You have no way to determine the validity of clone sites. Some of them have been reported to host malware and viruses , which could penetrate your device and cause serious damage.

For this reason it makes sense to use a VPN, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN . Both options are recommended.

A VPN ensures that your IP address is protected. This way you get a certain degree of protection when you are online. This also means that you will be able to bypass any geo-restrictions, allowing you to watch the movies you want.

While there are many different VPNs, I can’t deny that NordVPN is one of my favorites . Plus, with a 30-day free trial, you can try it out without committing any funds to determine if it’s the right choice for you.

There are other reasons why you should use a VPN when accessing such a website. This includes the strong encryption used by VPNs today, meaning your online activity will remain private.

Tips for Watching 123Movies Safely

Since many places in the world do not allow the use of 123Movies, I must emphasize that I cannot condone its use in any territory where it is not allowed. However, in many countries the use of streaming services is permitted, although some only allow it for personal use. It is your responsibility to make sure you know the rules in your area.

In countries where you can watch 123Movies, be sure to use a VPN to protect yourself from malicious site hosts, viruses, and prying eyes. I also recommend investing in antivirus software for added protection.

If you use a VPN and antivirus software, you will be sure that you are sufficiently protected from any spying and malware site administrators. However, as already mentioned, you need to make sure that you are aware of your local law before using any type of streaming website.

Is 123Movies Safe to Use?

Technically speaking, it’s not! Why? It is because since 123Movies is known to be an illegal and pirated website, you are likely to get unusual malware or even viruses. You may accidentally click on a certain link while using this website, which may lead to malware on your PC. It can also lead to some websites that are not protected.

Another thing is that 123Movies can actually harm your mobile device or computer. It is possible that your device runs slowly or even overheats when using 123Movies website. The reason for this is because this website is actually using multiple GPUs to be able to stream and get the videos you want to watch. And the worst part is that the processor of your computer or mobile device may be damaged after a long time of using 123Movies.

And finally, since still, 123Movies is an illegal website, you may have legal problems due to your server noting your visits to 123Movies.

Can 123Movies cause damage to my computer?

Since there are several cloned versions of the 123Movies site, it is possible that one of these sites is a carrier of malware and viruses. These viruses might corrupt your device through pop-up advertisements or malicious links.

This explains why you should never access a site without having an active VPN. One of the reasons I rate NordVPN highly is that the service also includes malware and an ad blocker.

If you don’t want to use 123Movies, there are several free streaming services that are much safer, both in terms of complying with laws and ensuring that you aren’t exposed to malware.

Here are some of the best options:

Hoopla – This is a great free streaming service, but you need a library card to use it. With this card you will have access to a wide range of films and shows. In fact, it can rival many paid streaming platforms!

Locast – In terms of value, it’s hard to find better than Locast. Local channels can be streamed for free. This means you can watch everything from major awards ceremonies to local news and live sports.

IMDb TV – Although IMDb TV has a small library, you can view some of the most popular movies. There are currently over 340 movies available, and there are even entire free television series, such as Lost and Mad Men.

Roku Channel – This channel can only be streamed via web browsers and Roku streaming devices, but if you’re interested there’s a wide selection of classic ’90s movies.

Tubi – Tubi is a free service that offers many different options, as the library contains over 19,000 shows and movies. Tubi is particularly good if you like horror and action films. You can also find a good range of classic TV programmes, ideal for a blast from the past!

Pluto TV – If you’re looking for a way to watch live television without a subscription, there are more than 100 sports, entertainment and news channels on Pluto TV. There are also many movies to choose from!

Kanopy – Finally, Kanopy is another service that requires a library card, but is definitely worth it. In fact, it has more movies in the IMDb top 250 than Hulu, Prime Video, and Netflix.


I hope this has improved your understanding of how to utilize 123Movies. It depends on where you are and, regardless of the streaming service you choose, a VPN is always recommended. There are many other streaming services that don’t carry the risks of 123Movies, so I recommend you try one!

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