Difference B/W OLM and PST and How To Convert OLM Files to PST?

Convert OLM Files to PST

Microsoft Outlook is a popular corporate email software for Outlook.com, Office 365, and Exchange accounts. For Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, there is an Outlook client. To store mail items such as emails, attachments, contacts, notes, calendar items, and so on, Outlook produces an OST (Offline Storage Table) or PST (Personal Storage Table) file based on the email server on Windows.

Outlook saves mail items in the OLK file format on Mac systems (.olk14Message and olk14MsgSource). However, you may use the import and export options in Outlook on macOS to convert the mail items from OLK to OLM (Outlook for Mac) format.

To back up and move Outlook data from one Outlook profile or a machine to another, both OLM and PST file formats are employed. OLM and PST, on the other hand, are two distinct Outlook data file formats.

We’ll go over the differences between OLM and PST Outlook data file formats, as well as how to use them in different circumstances like mailbox backup and migration, in this article.

Outlook for Mac (OLM)

The OLM file format, also known as Outlook for Mac, is only supported by Outlook for Mac. The OLM file format is used by Outlook for Mac users to back up and migrate their mailbox data between various Mac computers. The Import and Export options in Outlook for Mac may be used to export or import the OLM file.

Personal Storage Table (PST)

Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows both support the PST (Personal Folder) file type. It’s the most common Outlook data format for storing, backing up, and migrating mailbox data between Outlook profiles on Windows and Mac.

Difference Between OLM & PST

An OLM file is a data file for Outlook for Mac.Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac both support PST files.
Used to backup and transfer mailbox items from one Outlook for Mac to another, such as emails, contacts, attachments, and so on.On Windows and Mac computers, it’s also used to backup and migrate mail items from one Outlook profile to another.
By default, Outlook does not produce OLM files for Mac users.By default, Outlook generates a PST file to hold POP3 email items.
Only Outlook for Mac allows you to export and import OLM files.Both Outlook for Windows and Outlook for Mac can import PST files.
All account data is exported to a single OLM file in Outlook for Mac.When using the Outlook Import Export Wizard on Windows, users can select individual accounts, mail folders, and things to export.
Data from imported OLM files is saved locally rather than being synced with the server.Data imported to the Outlook profile is saved locally and synced with the server’s inbox.

In Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows, OLM and PST files are commonly used to backup and move Outlook mail items. PST is a file format that may be imported into Microsoft Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, Exchange Server, and Office 365. OLM, on the other hand, can only be imported into Outlook for Mac profiles. Furthermore, when exporting Outlook for Mac data to OLM files, you don’t have many choices, which hinders you from exporting or importing certain mail items or account data. Using an OLM to PST converter software, as mentioned in this article, is the preferred method for transferring Outlook for Mac data.

Convert OLM to PST using Stellar Converter for OLM

All individuals who need to migrate from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook would find Stellar Converter for OLM useful. The program is simple to use and self-explanatory in nature. The procedure for converting an OLM file to a PST data file is outlined below –

  • To begin, you must first download the programme. After the installation is complete, the programme interface appears, with the following window where you may pick the mailbox (OLM).
  • In addition to the ‘Select Mailbox’ button, you’ll notice the ‘Discover Mailbox’ button, which you may use to find a specific OLM file among a large number of files on your system.
  • Select the OLM file and then click ‘OK’ to convert.
  • After the conversion is complete, you may view the mailbox that has been converted to a PST file. The Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Notes, among other mail components, are listed on the right-hand side pane, with the relevant data in the left pane.
  • The converted mailbox may now be saved as a PST file. It’s also possible to save it as an MSG or EML file.
  • When saving as a PST file, one useful alternative is to save the resultant data file as a new PST, where each mailbox may be saved as a separate PST or all of the mailboxes as a single PST. It can also be appended to an existing PST file.
  • After that, you may open your emails by importing this PST file into MS Outlook.


PST is a portable file format that can be imported to Outlook for Windows, Outlook or Mac, Exchange Server, and Office 365. On the other hand, OLM can be imported to Outlook for Mac profiles only. This can restrict you from exporting or importing specific mail items or account data. To avoid this, you can try out an OLM to PST converter software like Stellar Converter for OLM. It will help you convert and export mail items from OLM files to PST and other file formats.

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